Wilderness Season 1, Episode 4 Recap – Who Is Arrested For Cara’s Murder?

By Ricky Valero
Published: September 15, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Wilderness Season 1, Episode 4
Wilderness Season 1, Episode 4 (Credit - Amazon Prime Video)




“Home Sweet Home” is another well-written episode where the stakes are raised scene by scene. The series is a true edge-of-your-seat thriller.

The aftermath of Cara dying is starting to cause drama for everyone in Wilderness. As Liv struggles to deal with having killed Cara, Will informs her that the police are reopening the case of her death because they believe that she was murdered. The duo come together to protect themselves from any potential charges ahead in episode 4.

Liv and Will are sitting at a bar, and she tells him that if he tells any more lies, she will walk out and call the police. He begins to explain how he and Cara’s relationship began to happen. Will shares that things were different, and he could do things with her that he would’ve never asked Liv to do. He tells her they can get through this and that he needs her.

No matter what Liv does, she sees Cara, which is starting to take a toll on her. She runs from bar to bar getting increasingly drunk, but in each step, she continues to see Cara. She starts to talk to what she believes is a preacher who convinces her what she did was an accident. It leads to her returning to Will and telling him it’s time to go home.

What shocking place did Will and Cara have sex?

The company was having a toast to the passing of Cara, and Will got the call that the police were reopening the case because they believed Cara was pushed off the cliff. So Liv and Will begin to plan to wipe Will and Cara’s affair from everything. In the discussion, Will admits to giving Cara a key to his and Liv’s house and that they had sex inside.

Liv and Will are on the hunt for the key as it is the one piece of evidence that can tie Will and Cara together. They head to Garth and Cara’s to do some recon work to find the key. While Will distracted Garth, Liv was able to search the house and find the key. Upon coming home, the police are awaiting them to ask them to head to the station so they can ask questions.

Wilderness Season 1, Episode 4 (Credit – Amazon Prime Video)

Although the interrogation went well, the cops were interested in understanding why Cara and Will were at the same resort. Will plays it off that Cara liked to chase the high of new places, and she was a bit crazy. After they leave the station, the detective tells her partner that it’s suspicious that the two of them are saying the exact same thing on the night Cara died.

Who kisses Liv?

At their house, Liv gets upset that Will made Cara look so bad, and she leaves the house. We see her reunite with her friend Ash, and they sit on the roof drinking and talking about Will. Liv puts her head on Ash’s shoulder, leading to them kissing.

Although Liv kisses her back, she gets upset when Ash says that she doesn’t want her to be sad and that she deserves everything.

Who is arrested for Cara’s murder?

The cops chat with Bonnie, and they discover that she will go to the gym to clear her head. At the gym, they start to watch some security footage and see Liv leaving the gym shortly after Cara. A cop car arrives outside a house, and we get two knocks at the door. In the first, we see Liv’s mom has come to visit her, while the second is the cops, and they let Garth know that he is being arrested for the murder of Cara.

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