Hold Tight episode 4 recap – more trouble in the community

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 22, 2022 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Netflix limited series Hold Tight episode 4


Episode 4 demonstrates that the series has no intention of slowing down as it begins to conclude the story.

This recap of Netflix limited series Hold Tight episode 4 contains spoilers.

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Hold Tight episode 4 recap

Episode 4 opens up with Nika waking up tied up by the man (named Natan) and the woman. They ask her for the password to the tablet. However, when they access the device, they can’t find the file they are looking for.

And then, Anna and Michal head to Kaja’s house; Adam has sent Kaja a text. They have to come clean that Adam has spyware on his phone. Kaja messages Adam telling him he has spyware on his phone. Adam messages back that he will be back in a few days and that he’s okay. Afterward, Kaja finds out about the community youth center named “Guru” and heads there.

Janusz Nowak, the ex-husband of Marianne, is visited by the police. He’s told the bad news that Marianne is dead and that he must come to the morgue for verification. He’s distraught and wonders how he can tell his daughter Jasmina.

Episode 4 sees Anna continuing to do her own investigation. She tells Pawel she thinks all their children are covering something up. Pawel heads to the police station and asks about the circumstances around Igor’s death. He wonders if something is off. The police officer brings up that Nika is missing.

Anna finds out that Jasmina’s mother, Marianne is dead. The community is in trouble. A lot of tragedies are happening. Pawel tells Anna and Michal that his daughter Kaja is missing. Episode 4 moves to Kaja looking for Adam, but it’s only landing her in trouble as a man tries to hurt her. Fortunately, a friend drives over and quickly picks her up. When Kaja gets home, her father Pawel asks her if she knows that Nika is missing, but she avoids the conversation.

Natan gets impatient and tries to scare Nika, but she stabs him with scissors and runs off. The woman with Natan runs after her. The woman finds her but tells her to run. Nika jumps on a train and leaves. This shows that the woman is also compromised in this situation too.


The ending

A few things happen to conclude episode 4…

Kaja tells her father that Adam has stopped replying to her calls and messages and is worried about him.

Nika eventually makes it back to the town and talks to the police about what happened to her. She is ready to fully cooperate despite her parents’ concerns. She locates the house she was kidnapped in, but it is on fire. At the location, they find Renata’s dead body.

As the episode ends, the police want to talk to Anna.

Episode 4 demonstrates that the series has no intention of slowing down as it begins to conclude the story.

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