Silverton Siege ending explained – what happened to Calvin and Terra?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: April 28, 2022
Netflix film Silverton Siege ending explained

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Silverton Siege, so it will contain major spoilers.

Netflix South African film Silverton Siege tells the true story of three MK cadres sieging a bank in Silverton, Pretoria, in the early 1980s apartheid era. This film has Hollywood influences directed by Mandla Dube, from car chases to gunfights to even the story references from cult classic Reservoir Dogs.

The film starts with a failed attempt to sabotage a patrol depot by the MK cadres, Calvin, Aldo, Terra, and Masego, as their act of creating havoc in the government. As their plan fails, they run away from the police, who constantly chase them. One of their comrade, Masego, is killed in a gunfight during this chase. The police forces Calvin and the other two team members to run for their lives, and they find refuge in a bank. They think this is the perfect passage to escape by negotiating this hostage situation with authority.

Calvin initially demands Captain Langerman (the police officer in charge of the whole operation) provide a helicopter and safe passage of their choice. Initially, Langerman accepts this and plans to take the trio down secretly. The trio just fell into the trap of Langerman but realizes Langerman’s trap and goes back to the bank.

At this moment, the trio thinks that the storming of the police inside the bank is just a matter of time. Calvin gets an idea of taking advantage of this situation by demanding the release of Nelson Mandela. Through their demands, they get the media’s attention and gain some support from the public. Meanwhile, the hostages inside the bank also understand their actions and stance on bringing justice to the black people.

At this moment, a twist in the story takes place as we come to know about the deceit from Aldo. Aldo sells out Calvin and his team in the failed mission of sabotaging the petrol station. Terrified by this betrayal, Terra shoots Aldo.

Netflix film Silverton Siege ending explained

This breaks Calvin completely. At this moment, Christine, a hostage and the bank’s supervisor, consoles Calvin and tells him that she has a plan which may work. She also reveals that she is the daughter of the Minister of Defence and the police are more concerned about her than anybody among the hostages. She is raised in a bigoted house where her father hates black people. But her Nanny (also black) teaches her the lesson of loving everyone with equal dignity. She tells Calvin that she will urge her father to release Nelson Mandela. But as she stands at the bank front door demanding the release, a sniper shoots at her. She dies immediately.

The hostages, Calvin and Terra, are in shock over this incident. Even Captain Langerman is shocked himself. But his superior officer is apathetic to admit this is wrongdoing and orders him to storm the building. Langerman calls Calvin inside the bank and tells him about the order. Calvin understands that there is no escape now. But he understands that the people are innocent, and by seeing this massacre with Christine, they know that the injustice is happening in the country. So, he lies about Mandela’s release and declares their freedom.

In the final scene, we see the SWAT team storming out the building and Calvin and Terra giving them a fightback. As they go out to fight against them, the screen cuts to black, and we hear the gunshots indicating they are going to die but with a remarkable fightback.

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