Undone season 2, episode 2 recap – “The Painting”

By Marc Miller
Published: April 29, 2022
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Amazon Undone season 2, episode 2 - The Painting


Episode 2 asks the viewer to decide if there is a deep family history of mental health problems, incredible powers, or both. It’s an intriguing episode that has more questions than answers.

This recap of Amazon’s Undone season 2, episode 2, “The Painting,” contains spoilers.

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Undone season 2, episode 2 recap

The episode opens with Alma falling through a sea of clouds and the sky. She sees a door in the distance. When she finally lands safely on both of her feet, she is outside Becca and Reed’s house. She listens in on their conversation about how they are excited to start a family together. That’s when Alma knocks on the door and tries to get Becca to embrace her powers. That is when Alma activates her powers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers style. She activates the powers, and she takes Becca along for the ride. She triggers the fog, and they fly through the sky and land near a door. Becca wants whatever is happening to her to end, and they are now back in the kitchen. Becca leaves, upset, and resisting her powers, to Alma’s dismay.

When Becca returns to her parent’s house, she overhears her mother and father arguing. It appears her mom gave out a $5,000 check but is refusing to tell Jacob where it went. Camila hides behind the fact that she is allowed to have her own life. (I can’t spend twenty bucks on a Blu-ray at Walmart without my wife needing me to hand in written permission). When Alma approaches Becca to get their Mcfly on and use their powers to go back in time to help their parents through the mistrust and bickering, of course, the younger sister points out how she has had a few vivid dreams, and Alma found a door she couldn’t open. They are not close to approaching Sam Beckett status.

Of course, the sisters make it personal. Alma, clearly jealous, makes fun of Becca for living a boring life. Becca points out Alma has no friends and is bored with her own life, so she picks at hers. When Becca gets home after leaving Alma at the bar, she finds Reed at home holding a couple of boxes of birth control. Has Becca been sabotaging their pregnancy efforts? Reed asks, and Becca lamely denies it.

Meanwhile, Alma runs into Sam, who, of course, only remembers her from running into her at a party that Alma had to remind him of. Becca ends up at Alma’s house. Becca admits to Alma not knowing if she is ready to have children.

They talk about a song they made up as children they would sing when their parents had been fighting. (To illustrate this, they show the parents fighting when Jacob questions Camila about who she was calling when she made nine long-distance phone calls to Mexico). Becca, perhaps unconsciously, took them back to their childhood during a fight and sang the “Rainbow Song” to each other.

They hatch a plan to confront their mother about having an affair with Alejandro. For one, yeah, that never ends up well. Second, right now, they do not know if that is what has happened. However, they go ahead anyway. Of course, Camila doesn’t take it well. She calls her daughters ungrateful, and they do not know what she has given up for them.

The ending

They feel awful, and Jacob calls them into his office, we assume to scold them for being disrespectful to his wife. Alma then tells her father how Becca can time travel. Jacob is taken back and shocked. “You can do that?” he asks. Then Alma cannot help herself telling Becca, over Jacob’s objections, that Jacob and her can time travel and alter reality. That is when they hear a door slam and a car take off. Camila has taken off and did not tell anyone why.

“Alma, what have you done?” Jacob asks.

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