Undone season 2 – what powers does Becca possess?

April 29, 2022
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This article, “what powers does Becca possess,” contains spoilers regarding Amazon’s Undone season 2.

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Growing up, I am sure Becca would feel an extraordinary ability to relate to people and their feelings. But, she has tremendous empathy and the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. During the season-opening episode, Becca talks about being able to have memories she never experienced herself firsthand.

Undone season 2 – what powers does Becca possess?

During the “Reflections” episode, Becca hallucinates that she is holding a baby boy. She would experience having the child, who is swaddled, and rocking them to sleep. She then wakes out of the trance, and the infant is gone. What is going on? Becca was experiencing and placed herself inside her mother’s memory for decades prior. Jacob and Alma’s family found her in front of a broken window, staring down at shard glass, seeing her reflection.

Does Becca have the ability to see the future?

As the season progresses, we find out Jacob’s grandmother was a mystic and taught this to his mother, Geraldine, when she was a little girl. A mystic is a person who allows themselves to surrender to a higher purpose of contemplation. This will enable them to see the truth and the future. In the episode titled “Rectify”, they watch Jacob’s grandmother fill a bowl with water and look down upon it. This is their version of a reflecting pool used by ancient civilizations to see the future. Even as a child, Geraldine used it to see her parents arrested, thrown in a truck, and never saw them again.

So, is Becca a mystic? While she saw a figure in a reflection and used a reflecting bowl of water to see Alma in the original timeline, it was not necessarily the future but events of alternate futures. This may suggest she has different powers, or, just maybe, she has not harnessed those abilities yet.

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