Undone season 2 – what is Camila hiding from her past?

April 29, 2022
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Undone season 2 – what is Camila hiding from her past - amazon series

This article, “what is Camila hiding from her past,” contains spoilers regarding Amazon’s Undone season 2.

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Camila was confronted about nine collect phone calls she made to Mexico during the first season. She could have just lied and said she called her mother, but she became obstinate. Refusing to tell her husband, Jacob, why she made the calls is defensive, and she then blames him for not allowing her to have a life. The kind of stuff you do to distract from the fact you are doing something you are trying to hide.

Undone season 2 – what is Camila hiding from her past?

This was revisited in season two and used as a clue on what Camila was being so secretive about. Alma thought she might be having an affair. It would be understandable. Jacob has emotional and behavioral health issues that Camila believes was stemming from a family history of schizophrenia. (The odds of someone having the condition are more likely if there is a family history). He was always working and never home. At some point, anyone has their breaking point.

However, in season two, Jacob, with the help of Alma, is living in an alternate timeline with his family and has reached older adulthood. He finds that Alma has an overdraft for a check of $5,000. When approached about it, she refused again to tell him. There were also the times she made baked goods for church sales that never happened, and Alma caught her crying in the kitchen.

Was Camila having an affair?

Camila had a love child with a young man before she met Jacob, who left her to become a priest. She shamed her family, so she lived with a woman named Ms. Alejandro. She had her child, called the young boy Alejandro, based on her appreciation for the woman taking her in. When she gave up the child, she revisited him as a young boy at the orphanage. This was after she was married to Jacob.

She wanted to adopt Alejandro but ran it by her husband’s mother, Geraldine, to get her thoughts. Per Camila, she told her it was best to move on and forget about the child. This upset Camila. She carried this regret for years until the young boy was an adult and contacted Camila. She carried on seeing him for years but had to cut off phone calls when Jacob discovered the bill for the phone calls.

Camila began to visit Alejandro, and the money was for him to go to school for computer classes. He was working at a plant and developed a lung disease, slowly killing him. Camila was visiting Mexico to nurse him to health. That is where Jacob, Becca, and Alma found her at their half-brother’s apartment.

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