Story Recap – what happened in Undone Season 2?

By Marc Miller
Published: April 29, 2022
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Story Recap – what happened in Undone Season 2 - amazon series

This is a story recap of Amazon’s Undone season 2 and will contain spoilers as it details what happened.

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The first season of Undone ended on a cliffhanger, where Alma waited by the cave near ruins in Mexico for her father to reappear. Her sister and mother think she has schizophrenia, like her grandmother and possibly her father, Jacob. Alma sees lights flash in the cave, and as she approaches, they dissipate. She calls for her father, but he never appears.

However, she is transported to a timeline where her father reemerged.

Story recap – what happened in Undone season 2?

Episode 1 – “The Cave”

This episode opens with Alma finding herself in a timeline where her father immerses himself with Alma’s help. He is now alive, weathered, and with a full head of greyish-white hair. He has lived a life. When Alma finds him, she lets him know who she is, and he realizes this is his Alma from the previous timeline. Alma has now taken over his current daughter’s form but has absorbed memories from both worlds.

The episode ends with Becca admitting to Alma she has abilities that she had never mentioned before. Like the one where she can view others’ memories.

Episode 2 – “The Painting”

In this episode, Alma tries to have Becca embrace her powers by triggering that misty fog that allows them to travel to different visions. She takes her sister to that pesky door that Alma keeps seeing but refuses to open. Despite Jacob telling Alma not to tell her sister, she tells her father that she can see others’ memories before Becca. Jacob is taken back by this.

This is also the episode where Jacob and Alma begin to examine why Camila is being so secretive and sad. Jacob questioned who Camila was calling nine times to Mexico in the first season. She overdrafts a check for $5,000 and will not tell him who she wrote it for. She drives off, and her family has no idea where she went.

Episode 3 – “Mexico”

The girls figure their mother is headed to Mexico, and they visit their grandmother and aunt. They have not seen her. But they have a picture of a house that triggers memories Becca can see. This reveals that Camila was heartbroken by a young man who chose the church over her. Camila leaves her family in shame, and when Camila’s mother sees her in a market, she follows her to the same house in the picture Becca and Alma have. The mother confronts Camila and assumes she is shacking up with a man outside of marriage.

The girls use that memory to track down the house, and when they knock on the door, Becca passes out.

Episode 4 – “Reflections”

The house is owned by a woman named Ms. Alejandro. This was the first person Alma met when she was transported to this timeline. What a strange coincidence, they think. She knows Camila because Camila lived after she left her family, and her mother disowned her. During the episode, Becca has visions of holding a baby. At first, we think it must be Becca’s fear of having children. She is actually in her mother’s vision. Camila became pregnant with the young man of God’s baby. She later gives up the child for adoption.

This indicates Becca has the powers of a mystic, which is later revealed was the power of Jacob’s mother and grandmother.

Episode 5 – “Lungs”

The child was named Alejandro after the woman who took Camila in. He was never adopted and found his birth mother as an adult. He reaches out to Camila after he has left the orphanage, and they reconnect. They find Camila at Alejandro’s apartment, and he is now sick with what we can only assume is lung cancer from his job. It was revealed that Camila visited him as a small child years earlier but left him there, leaving Alejandro distraught and kicking everyone out. Later in the hallway, Becca accidentally enters a portal that leads to Geraldine’s timeline, where she is in a behavioral health hospital.

We also find that Alejandro reveals that he is gay to his mother.

Episode 6 – “Help Me”

The episode has Alma in the same hospital as her grandmother Geraldine. She steps back into her old timeline to let Becca and Jacob know what she has found. They return to try and explore what happened between Camila and Jacob’s mother. Per Camila, she told Geraldine about her son and wanting to adopt him, but she tells her daughter-in-law it is now a good idea. Jacob wants to ask his mother to ask Camila to adopt Alejandro. This will help fix old wounds and allow everyone to live happy, healthy lives, and release the resentment Camila is carrying.

Except, Geraldine cannot accept what is happening. The episode ends with Jacob, Alma, and Becca outside that door where they keep thinking it must be Camila on the other side. They now believe it may be Geraldine.

Episode 7 – “Rectify” and Episode 8 – “We All Love Each Other”

In the finest episode that Undone has ever produced, the family tries to find out what secret Geraldine has been carrying with her that has caused her so much pain. They enter her memories, but there are dozens upon dozens of them. Jacob, Becca, and Alma walk through the door, and a young Geraldine comes walking out. The entry here represents the final piece of the art therapy collage that Geraldine refuses to finish.

Above them is the entire collage representing all Geraldine’s prominent memories. They enter each investigating her life. As it turns out, Geraldine made it to America after her parents had been taken by officers for, as one puts it, the mother cursing him. As Jacob attempts to take over and immerse himself in different people (his grandfather, the officer), the result is not what he envisioned. It altered history in a way where his mother was captured, along with his grandparents.

Alma jumps with both feet into the timeline where she first met her grandmother. He begs her to come and convince Jacob to stop trying to fix the past because it is killing him. She comes with Alma and tells Jacob it is time to stop. That is when she meets her younger self and offers her closure by forgiving her. They embrace, and so do Jacob, Becca, and Alma. Then, along with the Geraldine’s within the collage. This rectifies the timeline. Geraldine is not stuck in the hospital for the rest of her life. Camila adopts Alejandro, and they grow together as the family is mended.

The season ends with Jacob having a stroke and passing away. He visits Alma, along with Geraldine and the grandparents, to say goodbye. Alma goes back to her original timeline because she is in the hospital for trying to kill herself. She wants to offer her hope.

And there you go, a story recap of Undone season 2 and what happened. What are your thoughts on the story? Comment below.

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