Undone season 2, episode 4 recap – “Reflections”

By Marc Miller
Published: April 29, 2022
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Amazon Undone season 2, episode 4 - Reflections


Episode 4 now takes the characters to places they haven’t reached before. “Reflections” is haunting and absorbing television.

This recap of Amazon’s Undone season 2, episode 4, “Reflections,” contains spoilers.

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Undone season 2, episode 4 recap

All that empathy Becca was absorbing was too much for her poor body to bear. As she lays on top of her sister, Alma, in front of the house in the painting, her sister calls out her name. Becca is still unconscious. Then, the door opens behind them. The old lady from the pyramids is standing in the doorway. She appears to be just as confused as Alma is. She invites them inside. As they enter, with Becca now groaning, Alma sees all the paintings on the wall signed “Alejandro,” and Alma realizes that is the last name of the person they are chasing. The old lady’s last name is Alejandro.

She confirms their mother is out at the moment. They have Becca laid out and a damp towel on her forehead. Ms. Alejandro says, “Her branches are spreading faster than her roots.” Becca then looks down at her stomach, and her belly looks rounded and bloated. It appears Becca may be pregnant.

Jacob is finally able to get a hold of Alma and is going to book a flight down to Mexico. Ms. Alejandro tells Alma that Becca needs to rest. That is when the girls have a get to know you session. The old lady is some heartbreak doctor. As she explains, she met Camila years ago and nursed her back to health after heartbreak. That’s when she sees Alma has a door she needs to open.

Later, Becca awakes, and a baby is crying. No one is around, so she attempts to soothe them. She offers her thumb, and the baby sucks on it like a binky. There is a knock at the door, and Becca carries the child to the front of the home. Becca, still holding the baby, wonders why her father is there. It is Jacob, there to take the girls home. She then looks down, and there is no baby in her hands.

Jacob enters the home and finds Alma and Becca there. They go into the bedroom and argue. Jacob wants to go home tonight, but Alma intends to continue to use Becca to find out what happened in Camila’s past. While this is happening, Becca keeps hearing a baby cry from a stroller. She picks them up and begins to rock them back and forth. Jacob and Alma do not react to this.

Is this all in Becca’s mind?

As Becca continues to rock the baby in her mind, she sees Camila at a payphone with Alma holding Becca as a baby. (My bet is the baby Becca is carrying is herself). Jacob then travels back to the first time (we presume) when he met Camila at Entradas. Meanwhile, Alma somehow takes Ms. Alejandro down to that door she can’t open. She asks Alma to listen. They hear what they think is a little girl whimpering softly. They are then back in the old lady’s home, and we are to wonder what is behind that mysterious door.

But let’s go back to Jacob and Camila. They meet when Jacob is looking to grab tickets for a tour of the temple. The last tour left for the day, but she gave him the personal touch. She finds out that he is a professor back in San Antonio. Camila comments how she always wanted to study in the United States. He is kind, understanding, and encourages her to apply. She asks him out for coffee, and during their conversation, they find they have one big thing in common — they both are not speaking to their family.

For Camila, it is a Catholic thing. Jacob is no longer speaking to his father because he divorced his mother while she was in a mental hospital while having schizophrenia. He is dedicating his life to studying it to help her. Later, as they lay out in front of the ruins, staring at the blanket of stars (you may notice this looks oddly similar to the same area Alma and Becca were waiting for a sign), they talk more, and Jacob kisses Camila.

The ending

There is a flashback/vision towards the end of the episode where Camila cannot find something in her purse, won’t tell Jacob what it is, and he thanks her for spending so much time with her at the hospital. Camila means to him that she may need a break from it, even though her mother is treating her better than her mother ever did. This vision then morphs into the same vision about Jacob questioning Camila about the nine phone calls.

This clears a sticking point in the series at a critical plot point. Jacob even admits to Alma that there has been something going on with Camila since he met her, but she has never spoken to him about it.

The episode ends with Becca dreaming of someone, a young Ms. Alejandro, stealing her baby. She breaks a window by almost running through it. After it shatters, she screams, “Where are you taking my baby?” The woman holding her baby turns and says, “I thought you didn’t want to know?” Becca looks down and sees her reflection in the broken glass. Suddenly, it alternates back and forth from her to her mother, Camila. That’s right. This is Camila’s vision.

Camila then tells Ms. Alejandro she wants to hold “him” one last time, even though it will make things harder. Camila says she wants to name him Alejandro after her when her caretaker walks away.

Jacob, Alma, and Ms. Alejandro find Becca bleeding from her arm, but it looks like she is holding a baby that is not there. The group’s senior member sees the youngest one looking down at her reflection. She tells her immediately that Becca reflects Camila but is not her. She leaves to get disinfectant, and Becca tells her father and sister that Camila had a son named Alejandro born in this house.

They then leave to find her.

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