Undone season 2, episode 5 recap – “Lungs”

April 29, 2022
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Undone works so well in its second season because it keeps reinventing itself every couple of episodes. “Lungs” is ambitious and satisfying storytelling.

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Undone works so well in its second season because it keeps reinventing itself every couple of episodes. “Lungs” is ambitious and satisfying storytelling.

This recap of Amazon’s Undone season 2, episode 5, “Lungs,” contains spoilers.

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Undone season 2, episode 5 recap

Season 2, Episode 5 opens with Jacob, Alma, and Becca tracking down Alejandro Diaz’s apartment. When they knock on the door, someone answers, but it is not Alejandro. Camila is standing in the doorway, and she asks what are they doing there? When a man appears, older than both of Camila’s daughters. Becca then displays her extraordinary empathy and visualizes a swaddled baby in her hands. That baby is then handed over to the orphanage.

Admittedly, one part is confusing. Camila met Alejandro for the first time, she showed him a picture, and they were both older than infants. When Alejandro was given up, he was raised in an orphanage and was never adopted. He later unsealed the documents and contacted his birth mother, Camila. That is when she showed him the picture. After helping finance his education to work with computers, he called him to tell him he could never call him again because Jacob was asking questions. When she called him, they were in the phone booth and what we think may be Becca, holding a baby. This baby she is carrying, may be a doll.

What appears to have happened is that Alejandro had a holiday card relationship with his mother, and she visited rarely. She would deliver him baked goods, and maybe the ones Camila was baking for church bake sales were actually for her son. His coughing has gotten worse, and he has not seen a doctor. This also comes with a revelation; when Camila asks when he will find a nice girl to take care of him, he tells her that he is not interested in women. In the kind of kindness her mother never showed her, Camila then says to find a husband.

As the visions pile up for Becca, we now see it was Alejandro in the black sedan outside Camila’s house when Becca strolled up the day after her wedding. He has brought bad news. They found scarring in his lungs. Camila wants to be there for him, but she sees her daughter in the distance. Her son feels that she must be ashamed of him, but Camila reassures him that it is too much to unload on her family.

Camila feels so guilty that the reason she left was to tend to her son. The baked goods and crying in the kitchen all have to do with her son dying. She cooks for him and tries to nurse him to health. That is when Jacob, Alma, and Becca show up at the door. When Alejandro walks up to the door, Becca looks down at the figment of her imagination in her hands. She then looks up and passes out like she usually does in front of doors.

Alma, though, catches her before she falls, however. Alma breaks the ice with her unique sense of humor. His coughing worsens when he invites them all in, and the jokes keep piling up. To change the subject, Alma, showing no common sense when reading the room, asks Camila why she never told anyone about Alejandro. This led to a revelation that Camila visited him as a child and gave her a plant. Alejandro realizes Camila could have taken him back at any point but chose to hide her “mistake.” He asks them all to leave, including Camila.

Alma, again, pushes the issue into the hallway. He asks why she never told anyone or adopted Alejandro back. She reveals her mother-in-law, Geraldine, Jacob’s mother, told her not to because it would be better for the family. During this story, Alma sees the vision of the door and issues it must be her mother crying behind it. They also see the start of a vision. Becca does, from a distance, what may be Camila talking to Geraldine. Becca is then able to reaccess the memory with Camila in the room.

The ending

Becca refuses to access the vision. She walks away, and Alma, arrogantly, decides she doesn’t need her. Alma walks into the portal, and a woman reads a paper on how hula hoops are taking the nation by storm. She yells for Becca about how she sent her to the wrong place. That is when an orderly tells her to calm down and grabs her. He throws her into a room marked “patient.”

Is Alma now a patient in the mental hospital with Geraldine, or did she immerse herself in Geraldine’s body?

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