Undone season 2, episode 3 recap – “Mexico”

By Marc Miller
Published: April 29, 2022
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Amazon Undone season 2, episode 3 - Mexico


Undone keeps raising questions without answers but is supported by its beautiful rotoscope animation and the terrific Rosa Salazar.

This recap of Amazon’s Undone season 2, episode 3, “Mexico,” contains spoilers.

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Undone season 2, episode 3 recap

As the family hears Camila drive off, all three are transported to Mexico as they see their mother walk the streets. Oh, and Jacob is about to kill himself in a car crash with his lover. Becca is upset because this is not her memory, and she feels overwhelming sadness. Before the semi-truck runs them over, when Becca asks if that is her father’s memory, Alma lies and says Becca tapped into Jacob’s fears of Camila leaving him.

Alma has disdain for her mother, demonstrated by her attitude toward going to Mexico and dismissing she must be visiting family, Jacob tells her. They called their grandmother the next day to see if Camila was there. Sadly, she was not, and the grandmother was irritated her daughter has not come to visit her. So, she invites her granddaughters down for a visit. When they arrive, their grandmother and aunt still have not seen Camila. They question them if they know of an Alejandro. They can only think of one with the last name Fernandez.

When they show the painting of Camila to their grandmother, they are taken to a vision of a market, with the grandmother shopping and their mother a dozen yards away. Becca comments how she felt that the vision was being shut down, and one of them was fighting the vision from being fully present to them.

The girls do what the girls do. They pump her for information when they take the Aunt out for drinks. It turns out Camila had a boyfriend who was a student in the seminary. He was studying to become a priest. The affair continued when he became a priest, and the family was confronted by the church when it was exposed. The girls think the priest must be Alejandro and was transferred, and Camila’s heart was broken. When she moved on, she met Jacob and had a family of her own.

As they confront the priest, he tells them he has not seen their mother for years. He then leaves to pray. As they watch the priest, Becca, once again showing an extraordinary amount of empathy, sends them to a vision they soon will regret. They find their mother in bed with the young priest decades prior. “Oh, God,” they say in unison and look at the ceiling.

It appears the affair continued long after the transfer. As Camila talks about starting a family with him, he tells her that it would bring great shame to his family if he is excommunicated, and the church will turn their back on Camila’s family. They break up, and the girls understand why their mother has been so upset. They take one last stab at talking to their grandmother when the vision in the market becomes unblocked. Alma and Becca follow their grandmother, who follows their mother, to the house in the painting that had the grandmother so upset.

The ending

Grandmother Fabiola watches Camila approach the building to unlock the door. The old lady questions Camila on why she is living there. Who is she living in sin with? Since Father Reyes stops by the house wondering where Camila has gone off to, you know. Camila has cut off her mother, and no one knows why.

Except Grandmother Fabiola goes down the assumption highway and questions what kind of woman jumps in bed with the first woman she sees. As Camila tries to explain, the mother tells her that now Camila is no longer wanted at her own home and is no longer part of her family. Harsh? Yes, it could not have been a picnic living with this woman.

Becca and Alma then follow the landmarks from their vision to find the home. Surely Camila must be there. As they are about to knock on the door, and right after sending a call from Jacob to voicemail, Becca becomes lightheaded and collapses.

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