Does Dan finally go to Heaven in Lucifer season 6?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 10, 2021
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Does Dan finally go to Heaven in Lucifer season 6 - netflix series

This article, “Does Dan finally go to Heaven in Lucifer season 6” contains major spoilers for the Netflix series.

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Does Dan finally go to Heaven in Lucifer season 6?

After Dan got brutally and tragically murdered in the fifth season, it only got worse for him as he didn’t make it to Heaven. But why not? And can anything be done to help Dan get into Heaven?

Where is Dan at the start of Season 6?

Instead of being subdued to an eternity of his own hell loop, Dan has his own afterlife, thanks to Lucifer, where he plays ping pong games. But still, it’s not good enough for Dan, and he’s desperate to go to Heaven.

Desperate enough to betray Lucifer? Rory sure hopes so. With Rory hoping that Dan can help her kill Lucifer, she brings him back up to Earth. But Dan isn’t one for backstabbing, and he refuses to help her kill Lucifer. Still, Dan finds himself in a bit of a bother, and he’s now a ghost on Earth. Whilst on Earth, he pays a visit to Trixie, but being unable to touch or speak to her, he finds the pain worse than being in Hell. He asks Lucifer to take him back down to Hell, but it doesn’t work like that. Dan must find out what he feels guilty about, or he may find himself trapped on Earth for eternity.

Struggling to understand what his guilt may be Dan visits his murderer Vincent Le Mec. But as the prison has a lion loose in its premises, Vincent is able to escape. Dan stays close to Vincent, and after trying to prevent him from killing a shop assistant, Dan accidentally takes control of Vincent’s body.

Heaven or Hell?

No longer a ghost, Dan uses the opportunity to pay a visit to his daughter, Trixie. Although he apologizes to her for not being there and not being the father she deserved, Dan’s guilt disappears when Trixie maintains that he was a great father. Guilt-free, Dan makes it into Heaven. Finally, Dan gets the ending that he deserved, and he makes it into heaven. In Heaven, Dan reunites with Charlotte Richards, where the pair of them happily and lovingly spend eternity together. 

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