Does Amenadiel become a God in Lucifer Season 6?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 10, 2021
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Does Amenadiel become a God in Lucifer Season 6 - Netflix series

This article, “Does Amenadiel become a God in Lucifer Season 6” contains major spoilers for the Netflix series. 

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Does Amenadiel become a God in Lucifer Season 6?

At the end of the fifth season, Michael had his wings cut off, and Lucifer had finally proved himself worthy enough to be God. But will Lucifer succeed in his role, and does he even want to become God?

Will Lucifer assume his role?

Despite the sixth season of Lucifer starting with his last night on Earth before he takes on his role as God, Lucifer uses any excuse to stay away from heaven. After the introduction of Rory (see our article on who she is), Lucifer further doubts whether he is worthy enough to rule as God. 

But with the end of the world possibly in development, Lucifer doesn’t have time for his doubts. Or so he would think. Lucifer’s overwhelming doubts make it impossible for him to use his wings and assume his role as God. So, for now, Lucifer is stuck on Earth. There are worse places to be stuck in, I guess. 

But what can Lucifer do to prove he is worthy of becoming God? Well, Linda’s book that’s based on her sessions with Lucifer may help. After Rory reads the book (which Linda maintains is in its first draft), and Lucifer proves his love for her, Lucifer is finally ready to be God.

Lucifer is the new God!

He would have been anyways; had he not changed his mind. With the end of the world only happening because Lucifer’s siblings are doing a terrible job of answering prayers, Lucifer decides to leave it up to Amenedial to fix it. 

The True God

But how can Amenedial prevent the Apocalypse from happening? By taking up the role of God. But does he want it? Amenedial had already decided to raise his son Charlie on Earth with Linda. But after a much-needed pep talk with Chloe, Amenedial decides that he will rule as God whilst still taking care of Charlie and Linda. 

It’s a handful, but if anyone can manage it, it’s Amenedial. P.S there is happy news for Amenedial as Charlie grows his wings!

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