Who dies in Lucifer season 6?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 10, 2021
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Who dies in Lucifer season 6 - Netflix series

This article, “Who dies in Lucifer season 6” contains major spoilers regarding the Netflix series.

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In a show that deals heavily with Heaven and Hell, angels and demons and the dead and living, there was bound to be a major death in the final season of Lucifer. So who actually dies? And more importantly, do they go to Heaven or Hell?

Who dies in Lucifer season 6?

There are a few close calls throughout season 6 for many of our favorite characters! But in the end, we see two key characters die in the Lucifer finale, one of which has been a series regular since the pilot episode. (Way back in 2016!)

Danger Arrives

There’s plenty of danger, none more threatening than the return of Dan’s killer Vincent Le Mec. After Vincent escapes, following a lion loose in the prison — blame the angels for that one — he is free to kill as he pleases. But following Dan’s intervention, it leads to Vincent learning Lucifer’s weaknesses. As Vincent has been driven insane by Lucifer, Vincent is desperate for his suffering to stop.

Vincent’s solution?! To kidnap Rory and take Lucifer’s life in exchange for hers. It’s all quite dramatic really! Chloe gets stabbed, Rory has several of her wings ripped out, and it appears that Vincent will actually kill Lucifer.

The Deaths

That is until Rory breaks free and attacks Vincent. She’s about to kill Vincent but gets talked down by Lucifer, who tells her to be a better person than he ever was. Eventually, Rory decides not to kill Vincent. Happy Ever After!? No. Vincent attempts to kill Vincent again; only this time he gets shot by Chloe and falls onto two blades, aka Rory’s wings. After dying, he goes to Hell.

But who is the major character that dies? Well, this death occurs in the future. After the events of the episode (read our recap for the full details) an elderly Chloe is on her deathbed with Rory by her side. After Chloe peacefully dies, she goes to heaven. But seeing as the love of her life, Lucifer, is a healer in Hell, Amenadiel takes her to Hell. It’s here in Hell that Chloe joins Lucifer’s side as he becomes a therapist for the lost souls. So technically, she goes to Heaven, but love leads her to Hell.

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