Lucifer season 6, episode 10 recap – the ending/finale explained

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 10, 2021
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Netflix series Lucifer season 6, episode 10- Partners Till the End - the ending and finale ever episode explained


What an ending! Lucifer ended exactly how it should have. It remains true to the past seasons and brings humour, tragedy and drama in its closing chapter. Lucifer, as a show and as a character, will be very missed.

This recap of Netflix’s Lucifer season 6, episode 10, “Partners ‘Till the End,” — the ending and finale ever episode explained — contains significant spoilers.

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It’s the final ever episode! Are you ready to say a devilish goodbye?

Lucifer season 6, episode 10 recap

Lucifer and Chloe both go to the 10th and Swanson, whilst Rory tells Vincent that he’s famous in the future for choking on a corndog whilst taking a s**t. Whilst that would be epic, Rory reveals that she actually has no idea who he is. Rory releases her wings, but she gets shot, several times, with a dart gun.

As Lucifer and Chloe arrive, they get attacked, and Lucifer gets stabbed with one of Rory’s wings, which are getting ripped out. A massive shootout occurs, and after it nearly seems like Chloe will die when she gets stabbed by one of the wings, she knows today isn’t the day she will die.

Rory is tied up, and Vincent tells Lucifer not to move. As Vincent believes that Lucifer is torturing him, and not his guilt, he wants Lucifer to die. To save Rory, Lucifer agrees to die. But luckily for our favourite devil, Rory breaks free and shows her devil face to Vincent. Lucifer begs Rory to be better than him and not to kill Vincent. She listens and finally calls him Dad for the first time.

You have to hand it to Vincent, he’s determined, and he tries to kill Lucifer. This time, however, Chloe is there, and she shoots him. Although the bullet doesn’t kill him, the two blades he falls on sure will! As he dies, he wants to see the light like Dan. But Vincent only sees darkness. Good.


Crisis averted, right? No. Rory must still get abandoned as she wouldn’t be in the past overwise. Lucifer reveals it was him who persuaded Dan to visit Trixie, and therefore got Dan into heaven. (As he did with Lee). And he helped Rory (by stopping her from killing Vincent). Maybe that’s why Rory came back in time. So Lucifer could help her. Hell doesn’t need a keeper; it is in need of a healer. Has Lucifer found his calling?

Rory finally understands what has to happen. Lucifer must leave to help the lost souls. As she hugs Lucifer, she starts going back to her timeline. Just before she vanishes, Lucifer gives Rory his word that he won’t change anything. Afterwards, Lucifer goes to Lux, where Chloe reminds him that they’re doing this for Rory’s sake. An emotional scene plays out as Lucifer plays the piano.

Up in heaven, Amenadiel is God! Ella has Carol by her side as she runs her foundation whilst Chloe is back with the LAPD. Cameo alert! In heaven, Dan is with Charlotte Richards! (Tricia Helfer). Nice! Linda and Amenadiel are celebrating Charlie’s birthday when he shows his wings! Maze and Eve chase after a criminal and knock him out whilst Chloe later gives birth and returns home with a baby Rory.

The ending

Years later. Chloe is dying, and Rory is by her bedside. Rory has just returned from the past (aka what we have witnessed in the last few episodes). Rory asks Chloe how she managed to put up with her, knowing what Lucifer had actually done for them. “I wouldn’t change a thing”. After she dies, Chloe gets a visit from Amenadiel. “Are you ready to go home?”.

In hell, Lucifer has taken up Linda’s role and he now counsels the lost souls. Even Vincent is there! Offering to shoot someone in the face, Lucifer remarks that Vincent needs more time.

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Chloe! “I thought you could use a partner”. And so, Lucifer ends with Chloe joining him in Hell!

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