Lucifer Season 6 review – it doesn’t matter if you’re a sinner, just watch it

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 7, 2021 (Last updated: September 9, 2021)
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Lucifer Season 6 review - it doesn't matter if you're a sinner, just watch it.


One of Netflix’s best gifts, Lucifer returns for its final season. But oh my, does it end with style. Season 6 of Lucifer packs in everything that you would want, but similar to its previous seasons, it’s devilishly fantastic.

This review of Netflix’s Lucifer season 6 contains no spoilers. The series will get released on the streaming service on August 6, 2021.

The perfect end to Lucifer

There’ll be laughter, there’ll be drama, and above all, there are moments that viewers will have been waiting for. But most importantly, when the show reaches its closing moments, not only will you reflect back and think, god, what a season, you’ll also think, god, what a show.

And what more could we have asked for from the show that nearly ended on a massive cliffhanger? There is a strong sense of feeling that this season is truly for the fans. And not just the casual fans, it’s also for the hard-core fans who kept a lookout for every little detail. Anyone who was a part of the #SaveLucifer campaign is sure to love Lucifer Season 6. Lucifer is one of the rare gifts in television that got better with each season. (It really beggars belief how it got canceled). But considering that it proved itself as one of the biggest hits on Netflix, I doubt that it’s done itself any harm. 

The story in Lucifer season 6 is well-written, with the cast showing themselves to be perfect in their roles (as if there was any doubt). Season 6 also sees the return of a minor antagonist. And without giving away spoilers, that minor antagonist provides a fantastic acting performance throughout. Don’t be surprised to see this particular actor in a leading role soon.

Throughout its run, Lucifer has chosen the perfect songs in its scene. (Anyone else remember when X Ambassadors-Unsteady got used in the 13th episode of the second season?) That remains true in Season 6. There’s a scene that includes the song worship by LACES. Put it down to song choice, or put it down to story development. Either way, this scene will tug at the heartstrings.

I’ve already said it, but I’m going to say it again — this is the perfect end to Lucifer. Why? Because there’s plenty to enjoy and you would be a devilish fool to miss out on it. This is a finale where you’ll dread the moment the credits start rolling, but as viewers, you’ll be more than happy with the outcome.

You can stream Lucifer right now on Netflix.

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