Lucifer season 6, episode 1 recap – the opening chapter explained

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 10, 2021
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Netflix series Lucifer season 6, episode 1 - Nothing Ever Changes Around Here


The devil returns! There’s a large audience ready to see how the final season unfolds, and they won’t be disappointed. The murder of the week takes the central place within the story, but it’s the characters that audiences will be more interested in.

This recap of Netflix’s Lucifer season 6, episode 1, “Nothing Ever Changes Around Here,” contains significant spoilers.

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We’ve waited, and it’s finally here. The final season of Lucifer! Are you ready? I don’t think I am.

Lucifer season 6, episode 1 recap

Episode 1 of Season 6 starts with Lucifer (Tom Ellis) getting pulled over by a policeman. Apparently, this is his last night in LA, so as he wants to spend it with Chloe (Lauren German), he takes her to a private club for magicians.

But as they watch the magic act, it all goes wrong, and the magician Magnar (Bjorn Johnson) dies. Except it isn’t Magnar that is dead. It’s his protegee, Jared Holbrook (Paul Anthony Scott). Magnar’s son Alan (Chris Coy), an entertainment lawyer, instantly prevents Magnar from speaking to Chloe. Not long after, Ella (Aimee Garcia) arrives to investigate. This time, accompanied by Dan’s buddy Carol (Scott Porter). For those that don’t recall, Carol first appeared in the 15th episode of Season 5, “Is This Really How It’s Going To End?!” Together, Ella and Carol are leading the murder investigation.

Meanwhile, Linda (Rachael Harris) and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) toast cocktails as Eve (Inbar Lavi) and Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) prepare to depart Earth and rule over hell. Although Lucifer is desperate to leave the magicians club, he does learn that Ella feels as though God isn’t answering her prays. Oh no! With Chloe becoming too involved in solving the case, Ella and Carol realize that the killer is in the building.

During dinner with Linda and Amenadiel, Eve states that she is looking forward to the dinner parties in hell. Not on Maze’s watch. She wants Eve to stay away from all the damned souls. An argument follows but Amenadiel interrupts it by announcing that he is joining the police force. Whilst Jared’s murder gets investigated, and Chloe believes that she’s solved the case, Lucifer learns from Ella that God should care for everyone. Linda continues bringing up the situation between Eve and Maze, where both reveal they want to stay on Earth. With Linda’s medaling working, Maze and Eve get engaged and decide to stay on Earth.

After Chloe didn’t solve the case, in fact, she hindered it; Carol asks her to stop tampering with the case. Then, as they come to the conclusion that the murder was premeditated, they realize Alan is the killer. The reason? Because of a billion-dollar franchise and how Jared wouldn’t sign rights to a media deal.

Alan has Chloe hostage and attempts to flee. However, as Chloe is wearing Amenadiel’s necklace, she is able to fight him off with super strength. Later that night, Lucifer and Chloe celebrate the solved case whilst Chloe attempts to reassure Lucifer that he’s worthy of God’s legacy.

The ending

Lucifer goes to Hell and visits Dan (played by Kevin Alejandro). Dan has been trapped in Hell for a thousand years, as time works differently inside Hell, but Lucifer has improved things slightly by creating a new afterlife for Dan. He still isn’t happy and tells Lucifer to become God so he can bring Dan up to heaven. But as that would be against free will, Lucifer is unable to do so. It ends sour, and Dan says, “Don’t come back until you get the answer”.

Episode 1 of the sixth season of Lucifer ends with a woman sitting on Hell’s throne. We don’t see a face, so who is it?!

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