Lucifer season 5 (part 1) review – the Netflix return gives our favourite Devil plenty to worry about The whole world on their shoulders.



It’s made itself a staple of Netflix which the fans will enjoy.

This review of Netflix’s Lucifer season 5 (part 1) contains no spoilers. The latest instalment will be out on August 21, 2020.

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Judging by the YouTube comments, if Lucifer never returned, the fans would have stormed the production company with pitchforks until they caved. The highly popular series which FOX toiled with over it’s perceived popularity arrives on Netflix and the fifth season has been wisely been split into two parts so fans have got more to look forward to. It makes commercial sense; 16 episode seasons are a rarity these days so to give fans the opportunity for two separate bingeing sessions is a wise move.

And our favourite devil returns with more problems born from the conclusion of season 4. The story left Lucifer with the possibility of not returning to Earth and the writers have had to wring their pens to keep a sensible plot for him to return — they chose a wise and logical plot point.

Lucifer season 5 (part 1) sees the characters in a momentary halfway house where their lives are under their own personal scrutiny. The likes of Chloe, Maze and Amenadiel have plenty of personal issues to conquer in the first part of season 5 — there’s this expectancy placed on the story that they need to figure out their purpose in the world. It weighs heavily on their shoulders like a soggy grey cloud.

As for Lucifer himself, well, he’s the same delectable, narcissistic and humourous character that we’ve grown used to. However, there is a stronger emphasis on his bond with Chloe in season 5 (part 1) to overcome the obstacles that we are constantly teased with. The fans are screaming for closure and it forms part of an overriding theme.

But the message is very simple in Lucifer — friendship and family. It seems to take center stage as the characters require to understand who they can rely on and who they can undoubtedly not trust. Amongst the flurry of murder investigations, tests are thrown at each character with further secrets spilled and game-changing plots implemented. Part 1 gives a suitable teaser for the next eight episodes, breaking off at a suitable moment that can be the trigger to the remainder of the story. It’s not finale-esque type TV that you’d expect in a season break of The Walking Dead but the halfway point is markedly practical.

Its move to Netflix has not ruined Lucifer at all and many fans will be overjoyed that it has stayed true to the concept. There’s always a risk that when a series moves to a new home that the quality can reduce but season 5 (part 1) has shown so far that Netflix made a loyal move. And judging by the YouTube views on the trailer, FOX made a fundamental mistake at the time. It’s made itself a staple of Netflix which the fans will enjoy.

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