Who is Rory in Lucifer season 6?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 10, 2021
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Who is Rory in Lucifer season 6 - Netflix series

This article, “Who is Rory in Lucifer season 6” contains major spoilers for the Netflix series.

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Rory arrives on Earth, hell-bent on killing Lucifer. But just who is she? And why does she hate Lucifer so much?

Who is Rory in Lucifer season 6?

After tricking Dan into helping her get close to Lucifer, Rory finally comes face-to-face with Lucifer and claims to be his daughter! So, is she telling the truth? Lucifer sure doesn’t think so. In fact, Lucifer is that sure she isn’t his daughter that he tracks all the women he slept with in the 90s to find her actual father.

Is Rory telling the truth?

Yes! But luckily, Lucifer eventually realizes that she is his daughter. After Lucifer helps track down missing girl Mira in the fourth episode of season 6, “Pin the Tail on the Daddy”, he listens to Mira’s father and understands he felt a connection the moment he looked into Rory’s eyes. As for the mother, it’s not one of the many women he slept with in the 90s. No, her mother is Chloe! 

The Reason She Hates Lucifer is Because…

…Lucifer Disappears. Rory has never met Lucifer because he leaves Chloe before Rory is even born. Something that is hard for Lucifer and Chloe to believe. Rory’s hatred for Lucifer grows so strong when Chloe is on her deathbed, and Lucifer doesn’t turn up. In fact, it’s Rory’s anger that made her transport to the past.

But why does Lucifer disappear? Not even Rory knows, all she knows is that Lucifer will leave, and she believes she has every right to hate Lucifer. 

But Rory is telling the truth about Lucifer leaving. Although, it’s not because Lucifer is a selfish horrible man. No! The actual reason is that Lucifer leaves to rule Hell as a healer. And Rory doesn’t find out, as for everything to fall into place and for Lucifer to take his role as a counselor in hell, Rory needs to get so angry at the absence of Lucifer in the future that it makes her travel back in time. By traveling to the past, Rory sets everything in motion and helps make Lucifer realize his calling is to be a healer in Hell.

It’s Fate

After she realizes what has happened, Rory starts to transport back to the future. Her last wish to Lucifer and Chloe? Don’t change a thing and ensure everything happens as it should. And they do just that. With everything falling into place, Chloe is on her deathbed in the future when Rory returns from the past. Rory finally has a true understanding of why Lucifer wasn’t around. 

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