Who died in Undone Season 2?

April 29, 2022
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This article, “Who died in Undone season 2,” contains spoilers regarding the Amazon Original series.

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The second season of Undone is a labyrinth of existential narrative timelines that converge into a satisfying conclusion. Despite the maze of storylines, most all lead back to the seventh episode, titled “Rectify.” Four characters pass on the show from that point on, even though it all becomes deja vu. Yes, we have heard about these characters dying before. However, Undone attempts to rectify the future by changing the past, which changes some of their faiths.

Then again, all roads lead to the same conclusion in one way, shape, or form.

Who died in Undone season 2?

Jacob Winograd-Diaz

In the first season of Undone, we learn that Jacob committed a murder-suicide by driving off a cliff with his lover. At the beginning of the second season, instead of Jacob coming back to Alma in her timeline, she is transported to one where Jacob has not died, and he is living his best life into old age with his family. By the end of the season, Jacob has a stroke in the last episode, titled “We All Love Each Other”. He can only talk to his family through sign language. He later passes away at the end of the episode and visits Alma to say goodbye.


It has been mentioned that Geraldine passed away at several points throughout the two seasons, but it holds more significance here. By the end of the seventh episode, “Rectify”, the family celebrates her by remembering her in the year of her passing. This is the timeline where she no longer stayed in a mental hospital and enjoyed the rest of her life with her family.

Jacob’s Grandparents

It was revealed that Geraldine and her mother were mystics when they lived in Poland. The mother was forced by the father to perform her powers for an officer, which we can assume may have been associated with the Third Reich. When the mother cannot perform her powers, she sends the officer on his way. The next day, Geraldine practiced, saw something awful, and tried to tell her parents. The father promptly ignores her.

While hiding in the shed the next day, Geraldine sees the officer pull her mother and father out of their homes while hiding in the shed. They are thrown in a truck, and she never sees them again.

Geraldine’s Younger Self

When Jacob, Becca, and Alma attempt to alter Geraldine’s past, Jacob stops his grandfather from dismissing the vision. Now that they know the officers are coming for them, they buy tickets to escape and go to America. They are too late, however, and hear the truck approach. They hide in the same shed Geraldine did in the original timeline, but the officer hears something. When they approach the shed, they break down the door and take all three, including young Geraldine, into the trucks and, we assume, to their deaths.

And there you go — a complete list of who died in Undone Season 2.

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