Our Blues season 1, episode 7 recap – “In-gwon and Ho-sik 1”

By Nathan Sartain
Published: April 30, 2022
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Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 7 - In-gwon and Ho-sik 1


An episode that adds plenty of depth to the story, increases the drama, and superbly builds on the already rich character dynamics.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 7, “In-gwon and Ho-sik 1,” contains spoilers.

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Our Blues season 1, episode 7 recap

We begin with the drowning of Seon-a, flanked by a backdrop of how she neglected her life due to depression, failed to pay attention to her son, and how she could ultimately have ended up completely alone. Fortunately, though, Dong-seok is on hand to report the attempted suicide to the police amidst the general hubbub of the watching, but unhelpful crowd.

In time, Seon-a is found by Young-ok and her friend, allowing for a safe rescue of the suicidal mother. And, with Dong-Seoul tailing the ambulance, we cut to Hyun and Young-joo walking the school corridors with interlaced arms. They discuss their father’s reactions to the hidden pregnancy, and Young-joo details the plan she has in mind for what will happen upon the birth. When Hyun suggests that he drops out of school, it does upset his partner, who takes issue with the fact that he might change his mind later on. Once reassured, however, Young-joo claims she is proud of her boyfriend, and the two then discuss plan B, a much more serious one which even involves a facility for single mothers, for the upcoming birth.

Again, the couple are warned over people finding out about the pregnancy, as Seon-mi greets the two with hearsay that people are already discussing Young-joo’s growing belly. So, Hyun gets ready to tell his father the news, anticipating that soon, friends and teachers will discover the information for themselves. With that being said, there is a spanner thrown into the works, as Eun-hui calls Young-joo to ask about her being pregnant, something which is admitted to after some initial shock from the young student.

As Eun-hui and Ho-sik awkwardly eat together, Dong-seok visits Seon-a in the hospital, but claims he paid for her bills out of pity and doesn’t know her. However, it’s clear he does care, as he worries when the police case is closed because Seon-a claimed she just slipped, and prods for more information on her potential discharge.

At the market, Hyun arrives to tell his already agitated father the news of Young-joo’s pregnancy. And, after downing a drink, he does, albeit stutteringly, but omits the fact that he is father at first. It leads to In-gwon claiming that his son is now set to be the top student, until the shock sets on his face once the whole situation is fully explained, along with a request for help. But all that occurs is a beating, one which cannot be quelled with words that this young relationship is love.

Elsewhere, Young-joo sits down to talk to her own father, bluntly laying out the facts to the evidently shaken Ho-sik. At first there is silence, a tense one only disrupted by a drooping fan. Then comes a request that the two go to hospital together, as he doesn’t believe his daughter is pregnant. Finally, there’s realisation, which appears after the ultrasound picture is slid along the floor, and the belly is properly shown. Sinking to the floor, Ho-sik is in disbelief, and we see in an overlapping scene that both fathers wonder whether their children were taken advantage of by the other.

Instead of beating his daughter, Ho-sik beats himself, angrily, clinging onto the sentiment that Hyun must’ve taken slept with Young-joo against her will. “I can’t just sit back and let you ruin your life just because of a one-time curiosity,” the bitter father says, obviously denying the notion of the relationship being love. Meanwhile, In-gwon continues to physically abuse his son, and asks that Young-joo is told to get rid of the baby.

When Hyun asks In-gwon to take a look at the ultrasound, that’s when tensions reach a boiling point. The father throws the phone away initially, enraging the son who confronts him about his constant swearing. Then, In-gwon loudly exclaims that Hyun would not be fit to look after a child, is just a baby, and has no financial capability to support it. Elsewhere, Ho-sik continues to hit himself, and begs his daughter to have an abortion to no avail. Reflecting on their potential freedom, or general lives, taking a hit, both fathers are incensed by the circumstance change in different ways, with In-gwon wrecking his entire house in response while Ho-sik wallows in self-pity to opera music.

As the young couple comfort each other over the day’s events, and Hyun searches for job openings, Dong-seok returns Seon-a’s belongings, and explains that the bed and breakfast owner didn’t want a suicidal person staying there. He then offers to help find her a place to stay, along with a reassurance that he won’t make any advances, and so the two head off together. In due time, a motel is found, complete with trapped windows so no suicide attempts can be made. When asked what made her look the way she does, Seon-a explains that she just lived her life, but it’s clear that the fact she is primed to lose custody of her child is taking a large toll.

The next day, Hyun is threatened by his father when it’s explained that he will be informing his teacher of his plans to drop out, and Young-joo is told via a note that she will be taken to hospital by her dad once she calls him after school. At that point, we get a flashback, and see that at one point In-gwon was extremely close with Ho-sik, to the point they had even said that they should become in-laws. Reflecting on their past, the two end up side-by-side in their respective vehicles, but find a way to annoy each other instead of making up.

Seeing a fair share of support, and backlash, Hyun and Young-joo face the opinions of the student body, as well as teachers, regarding the pregnancy. The couple want help for Young-joo to stay in the school, but they want both students to transfer. No solution is found either, and the only compromise made is that their respective father’s are brought in to discuss the situation. Of course, this enrages Ho-sik, who publicly loses his rag when told of the updated plans.

The ending

In the toilets, a petty confrontation between In-gwon and Ho-sik quickly unravels into a financially-aided request that Young-joo is taken to a good hospital to have an abortion. “Don’t waste time,” the former thug says, leaving the ice salesman to collect the cash and further reflect on his gambling past. Upset, he clenches the notes in his hand, ignoring everyone he walks past until he reaches his former friend, once more recalling his dirt-poor days of borrowing money, before throwing the given charity in In-gwon’s face. Teary, In-gwon steps out, and the two find themselves in a physical bust-up as the episode ends.

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