Our Blues season 1, episode 8 recap – “In-gwon and Ho-sik 2”

By Nathan Sartain
Published: May 2, 2022
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Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 8 - In-gwon and Ho-sik 2


Another emotional chapter that raises the stakes and delivers gut-wrenching vehemence.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 8, “In-gwon and Ho-sik 2,” contains spoilers.

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Our Blues season 1, episode 8 recap

Starting where we left off, In-gwon and Ho-sik’s fight causes a huge disturbance in the market, with the physical altercation entirely brutal. Layered with emotion, when they’re finally pulled apart they exchange harsh words about the abortion they both endorse, but for wholly different reasons. In time, they both leave, deflated, slightly embarrassed, and deep in thought.

Next, we see Hyun in his new role as a delivery boy/handyman for a restaurant, while Young-joo confronts her wallowing father about his injuries. However, instead of hearing any truthful answers, the pregnant woman is presented with her savings account, and told to get an abortion before living in Seoul. “Get rid of that baggage,” Ho-sik says after explaining that Young-joo cannot live out her dreams should she have the baby, a statement that deeply upsets the student. In turn, an ultimatum is delivered, one which sees Young-joo have to leave her family home, and cut ties with her father, just because she decided against terminating her pregnancy.

Later on, Hyun goes to Young-joo in a motel, coming to her aid with snacks, and a bit of cash. There, they discuss the fact they are hurting their respective fathers, as well as the fact that they should love, trust and treat each other well as a result.

Afterwards, Hyun approaches Ho-sik, hoping to convince him to collect Young-joo from the motel because of her cold. But he holds out, wanting to teach her a lesson as In-gwon watches on in tempered rage.

At home, In-gwon confronts his son about the fact he is missing out on his education, while also informing him to never trust woman. It leads to an argument about abandonment, one which enrages In-gwon, who can’t face the idea that his ex-wife only ditched him, and not his son too.

While Hyun faces questioning from the elders about his relationship with Young-joo on his way to work, In-gwon finds himself further irked upon the discovery of the motel situation involving the young couple. Promising to act out himself, just like his son, we cut to Ho-sik, who is sat reflecting alone with a pained look. Fortunately, Eun-hui is on hand to offer some advice, even if it doesn’t really cut through, in addition to some strained comfort. Still though, Ho-sik is adamant that he will not cave, and so he ends up alone to stew in his chosen isolation.

Sadly, Young-joo’s illness appears to be getting worse, and the young mother-to-be is unflinching in her rejection of a hospital visit. She does briefly come across Seon-a, though, who provides help when noticing Young-joo’s struggles. Touching the pregnant belly, the depressed wanderer offers her congratulations too, managing to cheer up the student.

When hearing that Young-joo is sick, Ho-sik finally wavers, and runs to find his daughter. Meanwhile, In-gwon arrives at the hotel to find her himself, claiming that he will stop her from ruining her life by dragging her outside in the hopes of reaching a hospital. At that point, Hyun finds the two, and angrily requests that his father let her go. It infuriates In-gwon, who shouts at his son before breezing past him. But it only further heats up the tension, as Hyun tackles his father to the floor, injuring him prior to labelling the sundae salesman as an embarrassment. And, after claiming that he will no longer be his son, he leaves, accompanied by his partner.

Right after, Ho-sik finds the former thug, and the two become embroiled in a physical altercation once more, again over the abortion, but this time end up in a holding cell as a result. When there, the two argue, at first about their children, and then about their eventual hatred for each other which came after years of a tight-knit bond. The reason boils down to the description of Ho-sik as “dirt-poor” back when he was just that, but due to this airing of grievances, the two end up talking openly about instances in their lives which have killed them.

Elsewhere, Jung-joon begins to contemplate his affection of Young-ok, wondering if he can love a liar. The answer is no, which brings about more questions of what must then happen to their currently growing relationship. Coincidentally, such pondering is interrupted by a phone call from his love interest, who suggests they go on a trip together.

Late into the night, Hyun and Young-joo appear at Ok-dong’s house, wanting to stay there as they have nowhere else to go. They’re accepted in, and the elders express their pride in the young couple as they eat together. Meanwhile, Ho-sik sits alone, as does In-gwon, with the latter reflecting on a tragic death, and the divorce, that occurred as a result of his thuggery, coupled with his failing in trying to be anything but an embarrassment to his son.

As he leaves the apartment block, Ho-sik stumbles on a collapsed In-gwon, arriving in time to help. When the former criminal wakes, he’s flanked by Eun-hui, who dramatically states that he is terminally ill. Such woes turn out to be acute diabetes, as opposed to anything life-threateningly major, though. While at the hospital, Eun-hui does use the situation to address the fact that Ho-sik carried him to the hospital, along with a request that the two stop fighting.

Attending school for the meeting, Ho-sik is informed that both Hyun and Young-joo can still attend classes. The teacher also wishes that the father can forgive his daughter, who herself seeks answers to why he’s leaving without seeing her. She wants understanding from the man who says he’ll find her a place to live without him. Yet it won’t come, until an apology about the newfound loneliness breaks Ho-sik down. And, while there’s no resolution, just tears, the two part ways on seemingly less hostile terms.

The ending

After Ho-sik leaves a meeting with a real estate agent, and further softens up after watching a passerby with her child, Hyun seeks to repair the fractured relationship with his father, who wishes to avoid disturbance. They manage to have a poignant talk about the fact that In-gwon is considered an embarrassment, and the former thug breaks down over the potential lost son he’ll have. “I don’t want to see you ever again,” he painfully says, but he’s swarmed with an apology, and a hug from his son. While the two cry together, Ho-sik watches in in the rain, ending the episode.

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