Blood Sisters ending explained – what happens to Sarah and Kemi?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: May 5, 2022 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Blood Sisters ending explained - what happens to Sarah and Kemi?

This article contains major spoilers for the ending of Blood Sisters Season 1. You can check out our spoiler-free season review by clicking these words.

After a couple of slower-paced episodes, Blood Sisters really pulls out all the stops for “The Catch”, a rocket-speed finale that ties up most of the loose ends but leaves the fates of several key characters unresolved. There’s a ton of sometimes inconsistently dramatic acting, some major swerves, and a ton of bloodshed in this final installment, so let’s break down what happens.

Blood Sisters ending explained

We begin with Sarah and Kemi escaping the clutches of the sinister Dr. Adeboye with the help of Kenny, who is sadly killed in the encounter. Kemi, too, is badly injured by the scalpel-wielding organ harvester, though quite where this predicament came from is really anyone’s guess. Nevertheless, it results in two dead bodies – Kemi kills Dr. Adeboye during the escape – and leaves one of our heroines in quite a state, so it serves a purpose.

From here Sarah and Kemi endure a few pitstops on their way to Kemi’s grandmother’s house. It takes a while for them to get there, and on the way, there’s a nice inversion in their dynamic as Kemi’s injuries worsen and Sarah becomes the leader, pushing them to continue. Eventually, Uncle B plucks them from the house and takes them to a disused warehouse on the order of Uduak, but since that’s where everyone ends up, we’ll return there in a moment.

Meanwhile, “The Catch” spares a lot of time for Joe, who is still doggedly investigating despite the Inspector General having insisted that only Sarah and Kemi can be considered as suspects. At first, he fancies Blade as the killer, and has evidence of him being at the hotel on the night of Kola’s murder, but after Olayinka has Blade killed and he is presented with evidence of Kola’s abuse in the form of his drawings of his former lovers, from Princess to Abasiama and Sarah, Joe begins to come around to the idea of Kola having been killed in self-defense by Sarah and Kemi.

Of course, Uduak was completely complicit in Kola’s abusive ways. We never really get a sense of why this is. We know his father was a powerful minister, and Kola was the product of an affair, but Uduak’s favoritism towards him has been pretty insane. She gifted him the company, covered up his serial abuse, and basically tortured her other two children. This whole angle hasn’t been especially well fleshed-out.

We also know that Uduak knows basically everything that Femi has been doing as a part of the company, so I do wonder how he and Olayinka managed to even hire Blade in the first place without her knowledge. Perhaps through Olayinka’s connections? She’s much more obviously ruthless than her husband, as we see during Blade’s death. She doesn’t pull the trigger herself, instead getting Tunde to do the deed, but she’s scarcely moved by the ordeal.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s Timiyen who really breaks everything open. She manages to escape from rehab and heads home, where she reveals to Uduak that Femi and Olayinka hired Blade. After Uncle B captures Sarah and Kemi, Uduak orders them taken to the warehouse. She wants Femi to kill them to prove his loyalty. Timiyen says she wants to be there to get justice for Kola, but she also tips Joe off about what’s happening, which is how basically all of the major characters arrive in the same place at the time.

But Joe is too late to intervene. When he arrives he finds Sarah and Kemi and promptly hears gunshots, and when he reaches the others, Femi and Olayinka have been shot by Timiyen, and it seems very much like Uduak is next. That’s where the season decides to end, right on a huge cliffhanger that’ll probably never be resolved.

You can check out the Blood Sisters Season 1 ending exclusively on Netflix.

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