Clark review – a biographical series bringing to life the controversial celebrity gangster

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 5, 2022 (Last updated: November 7, 2023)
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Netflix limited series Clark


Clark is rich in production and tone, bringing a story that wants to get to the root of the criminal.

This review of the Netflix limited series Clark does not contain spoilers.

We are not short on biographical series on celebrity criminals. We’ve only just exhausted Inventing Anna, which opened up a world of sensational stories. For one reason or another, Netflix limited series Clark has barely been whispered about. However, the streaming service has a rich, high-quality series on its hand and one that should not be ignored whatsoever.

If you’ve ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome, you may not know where it originated from. Heralded as the “celebrity gangster,” Clark Olofsson coined the term; his victims felt sympathy and attachment for the man. The Swedish language series details his life, articulating his many falls and rises.

And there’s no doubt that this is an earnest attempt to bring the criminal to life. Clark is rich in production and tone, bringing a story that wants to get to the root of the criminal. It is transparent from the first episode that this series will compile the gangster’s personality and convince the audience of his aura. The kind of aura where you’d feel emotion for him, even in the most desperate of situations. Bill Skarsgård stars as Clark Olofsson, swindling a lad-type figure, ready to make the world a circus.

And the richness of the story is apparent in the length of the episodes, with most of them succeeding 60-minutes. Clark attempts no shortcuts in its 6-chapter limited series format and brings the man to life in his entirety. From his time in prison to his activism, his robberies, and the women he swooned. The series provides a full-circle view, displaying why he was such a public interest.

I couldn’t argue that Clark is a smooth experience. It’s certainly not a single session binge-watch, but it is worth the investment. By the time you reach its conclusion, you’ll understand why this man created so many headlines; why he was micro analyzed by experts; and why the term Stockholm Syndrome came to light.

Maybe Netflix should stick to limited series because they know how to pick them.

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