Outer Range season 1 – what do the future visions tell us?

May 6, 2022
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This article, “Outer Range Season 1 – what do the future visions tell us?” contains spoilers regarding Amazon Prime Video’s Outer Range season 1.

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Royal Abbott discovers a mystical hole on his ranch property and quickly inspects this strange portal. He throws a few objects into the seemingly endless abyss and then decides to stick his hand in. The hand goes through a thin, misty layer of floating fragments and reveals the holes magical powers. Royal is given a vision of the future. This specific vision is only short term, but the hole contains many more time-related powers.

Outer Range season 1 – what do the future visions tell us?

This first vision captures a scene which is only moments away. Deputy Sheriff Joy visits the Abbott’s ranch to inform them that the FBI have stopped searching for Perry’s missing wife. It may only be minutes away, yet this prophesy unnerves the religious ranch owner. Shockingly, at the end of the premiere, Autumn pushes Royal into the hole, leaving him for dead. This journey within the alien portal sends Royal hurting into the future. This future vision poses a long list of questions, yet the filmmakers leave a few clues for die-hard fans to decipher.

Let’s firstly break down what actually happens in that future vision. Royal is shoved into the hole and exits in similar darkness. He is surrounded by a perimeter of military personnel and large, looming floodlights. A siren beeps and a countdown flashes all zeroes. Clearly they were expecting Royal and he arrives bang on time. In the far distance pumpjacks are in motion, pumping for oil, or maybe something much more precious.

Royal makes out a crowd of onlookers and a company logo that reads BY9. In Royal’s present he seeks out information on Autumn’s rock, visiting the local University. He meets a woman who works with BY9 mining, you see everything is connected. Autumn is in the crowd, dressed all in yellow and his wife Cecilia’s there too. She heads over in bewilderment and tells Royal that he died two years ago. Whilst that momentous twist sinks in, she tells him to run. It’s pretty dark, but it looks like Luke Tillerson shoots at him and (possibly) Sheriff Joy chases after Royal, who bolts. He dives back into the abyss ending the future vision.

From this tantalising teaser you can surmise many things. The hole doesn’t stay a secret for long and soon military, the government and scientists are all having a good old nosey. They’ve set up a base next to the hole and are probably analysing the many powers it possesses. They know the exact moment Royal is to arrive, they have meticulously planned for this event. Luke knew Royal would be there and wants to seek revenge for Billy’s murder. Autumn and Joy are also entangled somehow too.

Another future vision shows Royal dying in Cecilia’s arms, with Autumn present to bear witness to this tragic event. Obviously Royal dies a few years after the finale, there is no denying this, but there are still many unsolved queries. Why are they waiting for Royal’s arrival? Why do they let Cecilia speak with him? What do they want with past Royal? It is all rather strange. If there is a second season then I am sure this future scenario will be explored in further depth. Perry himself has jumped into the hole, ready for some time travelling adventures and the whole Autumn/Amy head scratcher needs addressing. Lots of fascinating plot points are still waiting to be scrutinised.

What do you think it all means? Please comment below to let me know your theories.

You can stream Outer Range Season 1 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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