Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 2 recap – “Pumped”

By Kira Comerford
Published: May 6, 2022 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
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Amazon Prime FreeVee series Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 2 - Pumped

This recap of Amazon Prime FreeVee series Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 2, “Pumped,” contains spoilers.

Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 2 recap

With Bosch personally taking care of all matters concerning Carl Rogers after the official justice system failed to give the man his comeuppance, his first port of call is to run some reconnaissance on the man; his home life, transportation habits, when and where placing trackers on the man’s assets may be possible. Meanwhile, Chandler visits her therapist, and it becomes even clearer that her traumatic ordeal is still very much with her and the aftermath probably hasn’t yet reached its peak. It is also not long after this that it is revealed she has given up her big-city law firm in favor of a more homely practice — a change of pace that perhaps provides a level of comfort she’s more in need of these days.

With Bosch’s heir-hunting case ticking along nicely, senior members of Vance’s company develop concerns that should a legitimate heir surface, they will have some standing in the company and therefore a say in how things are done. As such, the board put provisions in place for Bosch and his case to be watched closely, to make sure they remain abreast of the situation as it unfolds. Of course, with details relating to the persons being searched for being as vague as they are progress is slow, so they’re mainly just tailing Bosch for now.

Back with the Rogers case, it emerges that the man may have some Russian connections, but nothing that can be conclusively proved… yet. Bosch heads to L.A’s fashion district to see if he can uncover any stronger links between the two, but with Russians also landing on US soil with the sole aim of tracking down Rogers, it may be a link that uncovers itself first. 

With Bosch doing his thing, Chandler works to convince Bella, daughter of Judge Donna Sobel, who was another victim of Rogers in that she was killed by the hitman he hired, to come on board for the civil case she hopes to bring against him for her wrongful death.

At the same time, she’s still plugging away on the Jeffrey Herstadt case. She learns that he had a seizure and was treated by first responders on the same night he supposedly stabbed and killed the doctor. Chandler takes a look over all of her case notes and discovers that the same first responder who treated Herstadt also was first on the scene at the stabbing. In light of the emergence of DNA evidence after Herstadt’s confession was found to be coerced and therefore inadmissible in court, Chandler is determined to track down this first responder to see if she can establish a link that would explain how Herstadt’s DNA ended up at the murder scene despite not having been there himself. When she finds him, she gives him his orders to be in court the next morning, where she proves that Herstadt’s DNA was transferred to the crime scene when the same pulse oximeter was used without having been cleaned first. As a result, the case is thrown out due to lack of evidence, and Herstadt walks free.

Back out on the streets again, Maddie has another shift with her TO Vasquez, who seems to thaw out a little more with each day they work together. She begins to question Vasquez’s motives a bit when she seems too eager to invent probable cause for pulling over whoever she feels like just because she recognises them, but when Vasquez pulls rank, Maddie has no choice but to follow suit. They roll up on two guys walking down the street, and when they start to get a bit chatty, they begin to get searched. Maddie cuffs her suspect, but as she’s dealing with him, Vasquez bolts. Still smarting from her last reprimand for not sticking with her partner, Maddie leaves her perp on the curb, follows Vasquez, but they’re unsuccessful in apprehending their man. When they return, the other one is also gone, but with Maddie’s handcuffs still attached to him, they need to track him down to avoid any further embarrassment. When they eventually track him down, Vasquez retrieves the cuffs and lets him go. Whether she’s a cop supporting a rookie cop, or if she’s bent remains to be seen, but Maddie lets it slide as she’s spared her second citation in the space of a week.

The ending

As episode 2 closes out, a new development in Bosch’s official case sees him take a trip to a local maternity home in the hopes he may track down a woman called Abigail. She apparently had a lot to do with the girl Vance fell in love with all those years ago, and may hold some more answers that could move things along a bit for Bosch. When he arrives at the home, he learns that she retired a while back, but after spinning the woman on the front desk a bit of a sob story, he manages to get an address so that he can pay her a visit. 

It turns out that Vance’s girlfriend had a son, but he was very frail when he was born and so he couldn’t be given away to his foster family straightaway — something that Abigail suspects may have contributed to the girl’s decision to take her own life as she had the chance to form a bond with the baby, only for him to be ripped away from her. However, the baby went to a good home, and with his foster family vowing to keep the name he was born with, Bosch now has some more details to work with that may give Vance some of the answers he’s after.

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