Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 3 recap – “Message in a Bottle”

By Kira Comerford
Published: May 6, 2022 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
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Amazon Prime FreeVee series Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 3

This recap of Amazon Prime FreeVee series Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 3, “Message in a Bottle,” contains spoilers.

Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 3 recap

Bosch: Legacy episode 3, “Message in a Bottle”, begins with another hint at Chandler’s state of mind following her shooting. When one of her gardeners spooks her as she’s making breakfast, she’s transported back to that morning when she was shot, but this time gets a round off first, taking out her hitman this time around.

Later that day, Chandler heads off to the prison where her would-be killer for hire has the pleasure of doing his time, and with the Bosch in tow, the two aim to get some answers as to who the person was that Rogers got to that saw his whole case fall apart. She strong-arms him into revealing the person who contacted him — he doesn’t provide a name but does reveal that it was a female lawyer who was working with the Russians. When she returns to her office and Marty hears about her methods deployed in order to obtain this information, he’s not exactly thrilled but accepts it is what it is, and that is that it’s something he has no control over whether he likes it or not.

After his visiting hours at the prison, Bosch hops back on the Vance case with right-hand man Mo, who manages to find a driver’s license for a Dominick Santanello — the long-lost son they’ve been searching for all this time. However, when it’s discovered that it was never renewed, Bosch has a horrible feeling that, like his biological mother, Dominick is no longer with us. His gut is right — when searching through The Wall of Faces, he discovers that Dominick was killed in action in Vietnam shortly before his 20th birthday. Not all is lost, however, as reading through the message board on his page reveals a possible close contact with a woman called Olivia who, when Bosch asks her to contact him, turns out to be Dominick’s adopted sister and another avenue for him to investigate.

Meanwhile, Maddie and Vasquez are bonding over coffee, donuts, and Robert Rodriguez movies, and exchanging the stories behind why they decided to become cops. Before they can get too heavy on details, a call comes through the radio for a reported rape. They attend, with Maddie assigned the job of working out how the suspect entered the property in order to commit his crime. When she goes slightly overboard in tagging the crime scene, however, she strays from her lane and becomes a slight irritant to the detective working the case. Over the coming days, the rape case is one that Maddie can’t seem to shift, but to her own detriment as she reveals to Vasquez that she gave her details to the victim which could potentially jeopardize the whole case. 

Bosch seeks to inform Vance of how his investigations are progressing. They meet away from Vance’s house in the hope they might avoid listening ears. Disappointed that he’s going to die without leaving the legacy he’d hoped for, Vance tasks Bosch with finding out whatever he can about Dominick as a person. As he leaves the meet, Bosch notices he’s being tailed again but manages to lose the company men and head on to his next stop relatively undisturbed.

The ending

His next port of call is to follow Rogers into a meeting he has set up with the Russians. It emerges that Rogers owes them money that he doesn’t have, and with the Russians understandably unhappy with the situation it looks like Rogers might be a new entry on the endangered species list very soon. They give him his orders and dismiss him from the meeting, and as he leaves, Bosch goes to follow However, the heightened Russian security picks him up on their CCTV, which leads to a rooftop cat and mouse chase. Bosch escapes, but with his image plastered all over the recordings, the Russians now know his face and recognize him as a target.

Luckily Bosch has reason to leave town for a couple of nights after he arranges to meet with Dominick’s sister Olivia. Fully aware that he is being watched from every angle, he decides to hire a car so that he’s slightly less conspicuous. Unfortunately, the people following Bosch are a step ahead of him, and whilst he’s been keeping an eye on the situation at ground level, he’s neglected to consider the possibility that he may also be being followed by the eye in the sky, and so he doesn’t leave town as stealthily as he thought.

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