Welcome to Eden season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

May 6, 2022
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Netflix Welcome to Eden season 1, episode 8 - The Trip Back - the ending explained


Season 1 ends with an ultimate twist.

This recap of Netflix’s Welcome to Eden season 1, episode 8, “The Trip Back,” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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The ending of season 1 was always going to be about one grand attempt to escape, but the obstacles in the characters’ way provide most of the entertainment, plus one more twist to end proceedings. Let’s recap the main points of the season 1 finale. 

Welcome to Eden season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

Eden is welcoming new guests. Astrid tells the group that they need to show them the new path. There’s an underlying tension brewing amongst the group like they can sense something is coming. Nico tells Zoa that he will help them escape and reminds her that Eden killed Judith. Zoa insists she wants to stay and that she doesn’t care about anything else. She tells Nico that they are only friends now, which frustrates him. Meanwhile, Charly tells Mayka that he will never forget her — he’s planning on escaping with Zoa. 

Feeling like their plan is falling apart, Zoa heads out to the sea to vent and cry. Bel sits next to her, and Zoa explains the plan is f****d, and she’ll never see her sister again. Bel offers to help them getaway, but that isn’t without a cheeky kiss between them first that leads to a hook-up on the sand. 

Nico confronts Bel and roughs her up — he saw her making out with Zoa on the beach and threatens to kill her. He thinks she’s using her. It turns into a fistfight between them. Bel comes out on top and tells Nico to stay away from both of them. Afterward, Zoa tends to Bel’s injuries from the fight. Bel tells her she’ll leave some oxygen tanks for them near the cove so they can escape on the boat. 

And then, the new group of teenagers arrives, and they are ready to party. The plans to escape are underway. The party is disrupted to cause panic. Charly finds the oxygen and goggles buried. But then, the party continues, putting it down to a technical glitch. As Zoa starts her escape, she’s brutally attacked by Ulises, but she is saved by one of her friends. Charly gets on to the party boat to hijack it. Meanwhile, Africa activates the island antenna, and Erick is alerted of this situation by his son. 

The ending

But season 1 ends with an ultimate twist.

As Zoa is about to get on the boat, she sees her sister get off and head toward the beach to party. This was not part of the plan. This is a tie-in to the next season. That’s if Netflix allows them to continue this series.

Additional points

  • Astrid vows to Erick that she’ll find out who hurt him. 

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