Renewed or Cancelled – Will there be a 42 Days of Darkness Season 2?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: May 11, 2022
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Renewed or Cancelled - Will there be a 42 Days of Darkness Season 2?

This article discusses whether or not there will be a 42 Days of Darkness Season 2 and may contain some minor spoilers for the first season.

Netflix’s latest foray into the international crime genre is 42 Days of Darkness, a six-part series directed by Claudia Huaiquimilla and Gaspar Antilla and based on a true story of an apparent kidnapping that turns nasty and complicated rather quickly. We liked it thanks to its grounded plot, believably complex characters, and stellar performances, and while we suspect genre aficionados who check it out will like it too, in such a crowded field the show is going to have to pick up an impressive following in order to be renewed. Any information we have on the matter is below.

Renewed or canceled status – Will there be a 42 Days of Darkness Season 2?

Status: TBC

As of right now, there is no official news regarding a second season being greenlit, but despite the show’s quality, there is evidence to suggest that it’s an unlikely prospect.

Of course, Netflix is driven by popularity above all other metrics, and if 42 Days of Darkness turns out to be a runaway hit, then the chances of renewal will skyrocket. However, at first blush, the show’s relatively low-key premise and lack of sensationalism don’t bode well. It doesn’t have the kind of showy, attention-grabbing hook that helps a show to stand out among the very densely packed crime thumbnails on the world’s leading streaming giant.

By all means, keep an eye on Netflix Top 10. If you like the show, spread the word on social media. But with its true story basis and everything above, if I had to make a prediction, and I do, I’d hazard a guess that 42 Days of Darkness will not be renewed for a second season.

What is 42 Days of Darkness?

A Spanish-language crime thriller based on a true story, the show concerns the sudden kidnapping of a young woman. In the aftermath of her disappearance, the police, her sister, and a disgraced attorney begin to dig into the truth of the case, while her husband and their children attempt to adapt to life without her — although nobody seems especially satisfied with the information that is subsequently unearthed.

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