Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 12 recap – is Jin-ha alive?

May 12, 2022
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Episode 12 sees peace between the warring mothers, but more secrets are on the horizon that will have consequences in the following few chapters.

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Episode 12 sees peace between the warring mothers, but more secrets are on the horizon that will have consequences in the following few chapters.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 12, “Can Adults Become Friends Without Motives Too?,” contains spoilers.

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Episode 12 is a slow burner, but the ending provides many questions as Jin-ha seems more relevant than ever. New twists emerge, and Chun-hui’s past has more context.

Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 12 recap

Episode 12 opens with Eun-pyo and Chun-hui in the elevator with their children. The women seem relaxed around each other after their recent war. Chun-hui opens up about her daughter’s lies and that they have seen a doctor about it. Eun-pyo opens up about Dong-seok’s selective mutism. Both women accept their flaws in motherhood but in a compassionate way. Eun-pyo appears warm to the idea of having a friendship with Chun-hui again. The chemistry between these two women is worth the friendship.

Jae-ung is getting closer to discovering the illegal drug trade that Chun-hui is involved in with the man Won-tae. Afterward, Chun-hui sees Won-tae in the children’s park, and she’s concerned. Won-tae tries to ring her, but she drives away and does not answer her phone. Eventually, she messages Won-tae back, claiming she is on a trip. Appearing scared, she takes her children on a spontaneous camping trip. Eun-pyo brings her children, and they make it into a proper event for them. But the question we all have is — what will Jae-ung do when he finds out the truth? And will Eun-pyo step in?

Late into the night, Chun-hui admits to Eun-pyo that her anxiety and greed got her into trouble, and she apologizes to her for not having the courage to say it sooner. Eun-pyo admits she still fears that her last scathing words led Jin-ha to commit suicide, but she still wants to know what happened between Chun-hui and the deceased that night. Flashbacks show Jin-ha threatening to report Chun-hui to the police if she doesn’t bring her illegal sleeping medication. In the present, Chun-hui tells Eun-pyo that “knowing that truth can be poison sometimes” and reassures her that she is not why Jin-ha died. Will this be enough for Eun-pyo — only time will tell.

The next day, the mothers cannot find their children at the camping site, but Eun-pyo finds them eating with another family in a tent. But then there’s another scare; Eun-pyo’s son Dong-ju has had nuts and is suffering from an allergic reaction. It’s a panic between both mothers, and it’s a rush to get medical help. But suddenly, Chun-hui reveals to have drugs that will help. She injects Dong-ju, and his life is saved.

Yeong-mi continues investigating her husband by installing a camera near his computer so she can get his password. She looks through his computer and finds a folder called “muse,” There are naked photos of Jin-ha inside. She’s in absolute shock. When her husband returns, she confronts him about his behavior and then shows him nude images of Jin-ha. Geon-u attempts to explain that Jin-ha was part of his work and admits to sleeping with her. He becomes venomous and asks her if she’d like to be a divorcee again. Yeong-mi is trapped in a highly manipulative relationship. But this also creates another subplot involving Jin-ha, which will likely be important in the next few episodes.

In the hospital, Eun-pyo thanks Chun-hui for saving her son. Chun-hui tells Eun-pyo that she used to be a nurse, and she hesitated to save Dong-ju because she didn’t want people to know about her past career. When Jae-ung arrives, she swiftly leaves.

Chun-hui gets home and is angry at her beaten up husband because gangsters have been to the house. But the husband blames her and states that she killed someone and “cut off a perfect way to make money.” Chun-hui is shocked that her husband knows about the drug supplies. The husband tells her to keep making money to help his gambling debt afloat.

And then, episode 12 reveals a more important secret that belongs to Chun-hui. Flashbacks show Chun-hui getting accused of giving the patient the wrong drug, leading to their death. She’s adamant she only gave the patient anti-anesthetic. Further flashbacks show Chun-hui telling the doctor responsible that she will take the blame under one condition — they get married; the doctor who had accidentally killed the patient is her now-husband. She threatened to reveal what he did if he didn’t marry her.

The ending

As the episode ends, Eun-pyo overhears students talking about Jin-ha’s naked photos. She asks the students for more context. But then, the ending of episode 12 seems to suggest that Jin-ha is alive. WHAT!

Episode 12 sees peace between the warring mothers, but more secrets are on the horizon that will have consequences in the following few chapters.

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