Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 14 recap – “Yellow Light”

May 25, 2022
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As we approach the ending of this brilliant series, a lot needs to be sewn up. Hopefully, there’s a second season to continue with these characters.

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As we approach the ending of this brilliant series, a lot needs to be sewn up. Hopefully, there’s a second season to continue with these characters.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 14, “Yellow Light,” contains spoilers.

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As we venture towards the end of Green Mothers’ Club, the theme of the series seems to be happiness. How do we achieve happiness? Is it possible? Will these characters ever be happy?

Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 14 recap

Episode 14 opens up with Eun-pyo remembering Yeong-mi’s harsh words that Jin-ha wanted to take Louis off her. Meanwhile, Yeong-mi is arguing with her husband Geon-u about how to control the narrative.

Chun-hui is struggling with her husband — he rings her and asks for a cash advance as his gambling addiction worsens. Chun-hui enters a private casino and gives him a divorce document instead, which rattles him. Chun-hui tells her husband that they are under a mountain of debt and their family is in trouble. The husband threatens to go to the cops about what she has been doing. Chun-hui loses it and tells him to reveal everything.

A housemaid who worked for Jin-ha and Louis tells Eun-pyo that she overheard Jin-ha and Geon-u arguing once because the man crossed the line. He repeatedly tried to visit, but the housemaid had to ask him to leave. Eun-pyo then finds a letter addressed to a Jeanne (presumably this is for Jin-ha) from Geon-u with a photo where he is naked.

Missing her ex (but also Yu-jun’s husband), Chun-hui meets him in the middle of the night. Chun-hui tells him she’s getting a divorce. She asks him to run away with her but then claims she’s joking.

While out, one of Eun-pyo’s children recognizes a woman, and Eun-pyo sees a similarity in her because she looks like Jin-ha. Meanwhile, Louis is with Rhea at a restaurant, the woman we assumed was Jin-ha, making the entire storyline confusing. Rhea tells Louis she wants to be introduced to his son. Louis reminds her that he searched all over Europe for her.

Eun-pyo sends Yeong-mi the evidence that her story does not add up due to seeing a photo of a naked Geon-u, which was sent to Jin-ha. Yeong-mi angrily confronts Geon-u about it. She asks him to take responsibility for what he’s doing. The next day, Yeong-mi asks Eun-pyo to pretend that nothing happened to protect her family and husband’s career, but Eun-pyo feels she has no choice but to clear Jin-ha’s name. Yeong-mi then messages her husband, telling him to expect the worst-case scenario.

Afterward, Geon-u follows Eun-pyo as she heads to see Chun-hui for a meal. When Eun-pyo heads down an alleyway, Geon-u grabs her from behind and threatens her. Eun-pyo bites his hands and runs towards Chun-hui — she didn’t know who it was, stating it was a “mugger.” At the police station, Eun-pyo tells her husband that she did not see the man’s face.

Eun-pyo confronts Geon-u. Geon-u gets frustrated and tells her that he and Jin-ha were very much in love, and he tries to make her feel guilty for getting involved and ruining his life. And that’s when Eun-pyo realizes Geon-u is the one who attacked her in the alleyway. And so, she rings her husband, Jae-ung, and tells him who she suspects. Jae-ung uses his police authority to bring Geon-u inside for questioning. They have the glasses that he dropped at the scene. Geon-u continuously comes up with a different story and calls Jae-ung rude for investigating an upcoming director. Jae-ung loses his cool, and he has to be separated from him.

And then, Jae-ung learns that Jin-ha’s photos are deepfake. He asks Geon-u how he did this technique. Geon-u lectures Jae-ung about art and claims he and Jin-ha communicated via their souls. Geon-u is under arrest for cyber crimes and for assaulting Eun-pyo. Afterward, Eun-pyo wonders if Jin-ha committed suicide due to Geon-u’s crimes.

Yeong-mi visits her husband Geon-u at the police station. She’s dismayed by his actions because he’s an intellectual. Geon-u states he is tired of her playing the “part of an intellectual” and that she only wanted to get married, so she was the wife of a director. He puts the responsibility on her and questions her attractiveness. Yeong-mi loses it, and she is dragged away.

The ending

Eun-pyo is worried about Chun-hui because she isn’t picking up her phone. As the episode ends, Eun-pyo sees Chun-hui’s husband and asks about her. He tells her that she went on a trip with the children.

She finally manages to get hold of Chun-hui on the phone. Chun-hui reveals that she has moved out and is getting a divorce from her husband. Eun-pyo is in shock about the divorce, but Chun-hui states she just wants to be happy and that she wanted to tell her the last time they were meant to meet (when Eun-pyo was attacked). Eun-pyo is emotional and feels guilty, as she feels she burdened Chun-hui every day with her problems. Chun-hui wishes her a happy life.

As we approach the ending of this brilliant series, a lot needs to be sewn up. Hopefully, there’s a second season to continue with these characters.

Additional points

  • Rhea sees an article about Jin-ha falling to her death at home, and she looks shocked.

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