Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 13 recap – “The Two Faces of Truth”

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 19, 2022
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Netflix K-Drama series Green Mothers Club season 1, episode 13 - The Two Faces of Truth


What do we believe at this stage? This story remains an intriguing and dramatic mystery.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 13, “The Two Faces of Truth,” contains spoilers.

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This story continues to be surprising as a new twist changes the makeup of the story significantly. Episode 13 sees Eun-pyo unable to measure reality as recent rumors circulate regarding Jin-ha.

Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 13 recap

Episode 13 opens with Jin-ha (with dark hair). She calls Louis, and in their phone call, he calls Jin-ha “Rhea” — it must be her new name. Jin-ha is in Seoul. Louis meets her, and they embrace. They head back to a hotel room, and they get intimate and physical. What. A. Twist.

Eun-pyo is struggling after she sees images of a naked Jin-ha circulating. The story has entered a new phase, where a new mystery is bubbling. She doesn’t want to tell Louis about it. When she speaks to Chun-hui, she tells her to forget about it because it will only cause trouble and pain.

At school, Eun-pyo cannot help but pursue the issue, and she asks a faculty member where the photo of Eun-pyo came from. And then, at a dinner party with other lecturers, they discuss the rumor that Jin-ha had an affair with Geon-u. Eun-pyo sits uncomfortably and tells the table that she was friends with Jin-ha and wasn’t aware of an affair. She asks the other woman on the table to delete the photo of the naked Jin-ha.

Geon-u tells Yeong-mi that he is the victim of the Jin-ha scandal and that he never slept with her. He claims she sent the photos to him, and he didn’t mean for them to get out. He’s striking a different tone from what we saw in the last episode.

Eun-pyo meets Louis. She tells him that Jin-ha’s nude photos are all over the internet after seeing them on a student’s phone. Louis is visibly upset and believes Eun-pyo is trying to complicate things — he tells her it’s none of his business.

Yeong-mi provides Eun-pyo voice message evidence that Jin-ha was flirting with her husband because he’s high up in the arts industry. She claims her husband sent the photos to his friends because he panicked. Eun-pyo doesn’t buy the story, but Yeong-mi claims her husband is the victim.

Chun-hui learns from Yun-ju’s husband that her husband asked for illegal medicine supplies from him. She rings her husband to confront him about it, worrying that he will lose his medical license. Later on, Chun-hui tells the criminals she worked with she no longer wants to work with them. She’s shaken and worrying about her future.

Naked photos of Jin-ha continue to circulate, and they reach the other mothers, who gossip about the possibilities. Louis speaks to Geon-u about the rumors that he slept with his wife, despite claiming not to, and that Jin-ha stalked him. Yeong-mi’s husband is visibly nervous as he explains his story. Louis chooses to believe him but wants nothing else to spread. Afterward, Louis heads to the hotel room to see Jin-ha again.

The ending

The rumor that Yeong-mi’s husband is a victim of Jin-ha circulates as the vicious mother group strikes again. Eun-pyo is furious and confronts Yeong-mi about the unproven claims. Yeong-mi reveals that on a voice note she heard, Jin-ha brags that she took Louis off Eun-pyo on purpose and wanted to crush her. Eun-pyo is flustered and emotional, claiming that Yeong-mi is lying, as the scenes flit to Jin-ha in bed with Louis in the hotel room. What do we believe at this stage? This story remains an intriguing and dramatic mystery.

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