Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 5 recap – “Plan B”

By Kira Comerford
Published: May 13, 2022
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Amazon Prime FreeVee series Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 5 - Plan B


“Plan B,” sees Carl Rogers get backed into a corner as Bosch and Chandler’s plan to bring him down plays out.

This recap of Amazon Prime FreeVee series Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 5, “Plan B,” contains spoilers.

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Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 5 recap

Picking up where episode 4’s cliffhanger ending left off, episode 5 of Bosch: Legacy sees Bosch somehow managing to talk his way out of getting caught by the security guard roped into Rogers’ scheme to steal fuel. He masquerades as a security consultant, threatening to have the guard’s job if he can’t give him a good reason not to fire him whilst escorting him from the premises. Bosch makes it back to his getaway — reliably provided by Crate and Barrel — and heads back to base in time to fill Chandler in on his findings in more detail.

The next morning, Maddie and Vasquez pick up a pregnant homeless woman. Whilst Vasquez gets some food for her, Maddie rings around local shelters in the hope that she may find one to take the woman in. Later on, when they are dropping the woman off at one of the shelters, she declines their help right outside the door. Once again, Maddie struggles with the notion that not everyone is going to accept the offer of help when they get it, feeling more like it is her mission to give help no matter what — something that by now looks to be a trait that’s been passed on to her from her dad.

With the clock ticking on the Vance/Santanello case, Bosch is still chasing leads. He manages to track down one of Dominick’s old Navy buddies, a man called Lewis. Bosch shows him the picture of a woman and child that was developed from the film he found in Dominick’s old camera. Lewis doesn’t know all of the specifics about her but reveals that she was a photojournalist who interviewed Dominick for a story one time and it was love at first sight for him. As well as this, Bosch is hatching a plan with Mo to destroy the tunnel being used for siphoning the fuel. Mo is tasked with hacking into the frequency used to detonate the kill-switch explosives that have already been laid by Rogers’ men so that when the time comes, all Bosch has to do is be in range and he can light the tunnel up.

With the boys working on their portion of the plan, Chandler is making headway in her area too. She has a meeting at the D.A’s office where the two work to concoct a deal for Rogers — something that he will have no option but to accept when his stolen fuel-funded plan to pay back the Russians fails and he needs a safe space. 

Back on the streets, Maddie gets a call from the rape victim she previously worked with. In typical fashion, she completely ignores Vasquez’s advice to disengage, instead heading over to the victim’s address and giving her opinion on some security measures she could take to help her feel safer in her own home again. Later, when catching up with her dad over lunch, Maddie runs her involvement in the case by her dad, saying that she cannot let it go no matter how hard she tries. He responds, saying it’s up to her to decide what kind of cop she wants to be. However, before the two of them can get into it much further, a news bulletin reveals Whitney Vance — Bosch’s client — has died. 

Meanwhile, Chandler heads off to meet with Simon Wakefield, Rogers’ right-hand man who was used as a pawn in order to obtain the info surrounding the fuel scam. After confirming that he would help in exchange for his son to escape an investigation of his own, he arranged a sit-down with Chandler to discuss the finer details of the heist being planned. However, before Chandler can have that conversation with him, Wakefield’s chattiness is something that also has become common knowledge between Rogers and his Russian associates. When Chandler arrives at Wakefield’s place, all she finds is a body floating face-down in the pool out back. However, she also finds his phone too, fishing it out and handing it to Mo to work his magic and hopefully provide the information that Wakefield himself would have done had he lived long enough to have the chance.

As it turns out, the fuel heist is due to go down that night. Bosch and Mo get in position to carry out their plan to bring the operation crashing down, but with Mo’s signal interception not going quite according to plan, Bosch is forced to resort to Plan B. 

The ending

Elsewhere, Chandler heads into a meeting with Rogers and his lawyer. Whilst she’s going over what would be required from Rogers in regards to the civil suit she’s actioned against him, his phone starts to buzz. He ignores it, and the two proceed once more, with Rogers not having a bar of what Chandler is proposing. However, when his phone rings again, Rogers answers it. It’s his guys from the site of the fuel heist who explain how the place has just been blown to hell by Bosch and Mo. Rogers tries to play down the severity of the call in Chandler’s presence, but she reveals her hand, telling Rogers that she knows exactly what that phone call was about and that it means he now has a choice to make; settle with her right now, and open himself up to the acceptance of the prosecution deal she set up in the event of this exact situation playing out, or leave the deal on the table and chance his luck with the Russians. Knowing that he is essentially a dead man walking in the eyes of the Russians at this point, Rogers takes the deal and is immediately whisked off to a safe house, but whether that will be enough to protect him from his enemies and himself remains to be seen.

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