Bosch: Legacy Season 2 Ending Explained – Who killed Lexi Parks?

By Ricky Valero
Published: November 10, 2023
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Bosch Legacy Season 2 Ending Explained
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The season finale of Bosch: Legacy delivers on every level. Stephen A. Chang does his best work in the series yet. An incredible ending with the door open for what’s ahead.

The ending of Bosch: Legacy Season 2 closes off many plot threads but, naturally, leaves things open for the third season. The killer of Lexi Parks is revealed, Bosch is finally able to get the evidence needed to possibly clear David Foster’s name, and the FBI closes in on Mo and wants him to turn on Bosch and Chandler. A lot unfolds in Episode 10, but it delivers on every conceivable level. 

Let’s break everything down — with major spoilers, of course.

Bosch: Legacy Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

The episode begins with Maddie providing a statement for the events that unfolded at the shootout in Episode 9. After explaining what happened, the investigators inform her that they haven’t recovered Kevin’s gun from the crime scene, putting in doubt whether or not there was a gun at all.

Maddie confronts Bosch about his continued lack of caring for what it would mean if she lost him. He thanked her for saving him, but she told him that if it wasn’t for knowing how he did things, he, like her mother, could be gone.

Who killed Lexi Parks?

Bosch sneaks into the hospital to talk to Don, and he tells him that Kevin is on the verge of cutting a deal against him. This prompts Bosch to get Don to reveal that Kevin was the one that killed Lexi Parks. He beat her with a tire iron until she died.

Bosch and Chandler bring the audio to District Attorney Emmett, but he doesn’t care because that recording won’t stand in court. Chandler tells Emmett that he has four hours to drop the charges, or she leaks the audio to the press. Moments later, we see them in the courtroom where all the charges were dropped against David Foster in the case of Lexi Parks.

Maddie gets a call from the prison stating that Kurt Dockweiler has died in prison. She pushes the person to tell her how he died and finds out that he had overdosed in his cell.

Agent Baron speaks to Jade, and she is worried that her undercover will be exposed. He comforts her and says there is nothing to worry about. Jade explains she is concerned about Mo, and Baron says she got too close, but he will flip on Bosch, and they will take him down.

What deal does the FBI offer Mo?

After arresting Mo, they tell him he isn’t who they want but show him a picture of Jade Quinn. They want him to wear a wire to set her up. However, they said they could clear all charges IF he were willing to give them information on Bosch and Chandler.

Mo tells Agent Baron he needs a few days to consider the deal. He sits down with Jade with the FBI listening and calls her by her real name, and it startles her. Mo begins to break down every little detail about her and the case stating they don’t have any proof.

How does Bosch: Legacy Season 2 end?

At a press conference for the resolution of the David Foster case, Chandler announces that she is running for District Attorney.

Maddie and Bosch get home from the press conference, and Bosch takes the dog for a walk. Bosch’s phone rings, Maddie answers, and it is Preston Borders from inside the jail. She asks what he wants, and he tells her to tell Bosch that the Dockweiler thing is taken care of. Bosch walks in and sees her on the phone, clearly setting things up for the inevitable next season.

What did you think of Bosch: Legacy Season 2 Episode 10 and the ending? Comment below.

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