Bosch: Legacy Season 2 Episode 9 Recap – “Escape Plan” reveals a big twist

By Ricky Valero
Published: November 10, 2023
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Bosch: Legacy Season 2 Episode 9 Recap
Bosch: Legacy Season 2 | Image via Prime Video


“Escape Plan” delivers in closing the chapter with several storylines while setting up what is promised to be an explosive finale.

In the penultimate episode of Bosch: Legacy Season 2, the FBI has Chandler in custody, and they hope to use her to flip against Harry Bosch. As that is happening, Bosch is trying to put the pieces together to free David Foster from the Lexi Parks murder. Episode 9 features a key death and a big twist as it works to set up the season finale, juggling multiple storylines all the while. It’ll be very difficult for fans not to immediately tune into the next episode on the back of this one. 

Bosch Legacy Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Does Chandler accept the plea deal?

The FBI is sitting down with Chandler, and they play the clip incriminating her, telling her that she is going to prison for a very long time. They tell her they want everything she knows about the pipeline and to turn on Bosch and his crew. In return, she walks away scot-free. However, Chandler doesn’t say a peep and tells them to book her.

Bosch sits down with Maddie, who rips into him about her being blindsided by Chandler being arrested. She tells him she is worried about him and what might happen. He promises her everything will be alright.

The cops are hot on the tail of Kevin since the massive shootout at Dr. Schubert’s house in Episode 8 led to multiple deaths. So he is in the middle of hiding while he waits for someone to get him new papers.

Why does the Judge dismiss the Chandler case?

In court, the FBI brought in the stack of shredded papers found in the search of Chandler’s place. They thought they were destroyed so Chandler could protect herself in the Rogers case. However, she and Bosch knew Matthew was their informant, so she set up the FBI to think those were the Rogers files when they weren’t. As a result, the Judge threw away any evidence found in Chandler or Bosch’s house, meaning they had no case and had to drop the charges.

With Kevin on the loose, Maddie and the LAPD are following Bosch around in the hopes that he comes out of hiding. Bosch ditches the tail upon Mo finding where Kevin is located. Maddie realizes he ditched them and heads to the marina to find him.

Who dies in “Escape Plan”?

Bosch finds Kevin’s boat, but Kevin initially gets the best of Bosch and holds a gun to his head. However, Bosch gets the upper hand and disarms him, and the two start fighting. After the scuffle, Kevin is standing over Bosch and about to shoot him when Maddie arrives pulling the trigger and killing Kevin.

The cops arrive at the scene where we see Harry thanking Maddie endlessly for what she did. One of the cops on the scene tells them that they need to separate due to LAPD protocol.

How does Bosch: Legacy Season 2 Episode 9 end?

The episode ends with a massive twist (if you were paying attention, you already knew) where we see Agent Baron bringing in the lady we know as Jade Quinn (Mo’s new friend) and asking her how her undercover assignment is. He asks if they are ready to pull the trigger on Mo Bassi, and she says yes.

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