Who died in The Terminal List season 1?

By Marc Miller
Published: July 1, 2022
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This article, “who died in The Terminal List season 1,” contains spoilers regarding the Amazon original series.

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You do not adapt the ever-popular Jack Carr series for streaming television without expecting a body count. For one, the core characters all have deadly military training. Second, it’s a revenge tale of a man avenging the murders of his wife and nine-year-old daughter. Not only will the main character, Jack Reece, probably kill the ones responsible, but maybe anyone associated. As he says throughout the series, this is a battlefield, one that is sprawling from the streets of San Francisco down to Mexico. 

Just be careful if you run into him. You do not get in his way. 

Who died in The Terminal List season 1? 

Ben Edwards 

It turns out that Reece’s best friend was the unnamed shareholder that profited off the SEAL team’s deaths. He explains that he did so because Admiral Pillar assured him that all of the men would die of their terminal conditions. Reece puts a bullet in his head, off-camera, in the cabin of Ben’s sailboat in the season finale. 


The only survivor of Reece’s team left us in the second episode by his hand. Except, he was killed by the men and women behind the coverup of the Kahani ambush and made to look like a suicide. How did Reece figure it out? Well, they planted a nine-millimeter weapon as the murder weapon because it was a standard issue. Boozer only used a .45 caliber. 

James Reece’s entire Navy SEAL Team 

The opening episode had Reece’s Navy SEAL team ambushed on a mission to capture a chemical weapon terrorist named Kahani. All but one of his men are put to rest that day, including a handful of Syrian forces and supporting American SFD troops. 


Fox News reported the death. Reece sees the story when Secretary Hartley is at a military bar. This was done to finish the cover story in the hopes of Reece backing off. 

Lauren and Lucy Reece 

In a shocking and heartbreaking scene, two sicarios kill Reece’s wife and daughter to make it look like death by a military husband/father who has PTSD. This happened when Reece left for the CT scan, where the doctor was also shot to death.

Marcus Boykin 

A man who profited off the experiment and access to the sicarios who he ordered up for Steve Horn because of his ties to big oil in Mexico. Reece took him out with a sniper shot in Wyoming. 

Mike Tedesco 

The owner of Nubellum lost his authority with the company when Capstone Industries bought controlling shares. He is shot and killed when running away from two of Horn’s private security in a stairwell after leaking damning evidence to the media. 

Pillar, Cox, and Howard 

Reece’s bosses, all three men, administered RD-4895 to the SEAL team. Reece drowned Commander Cox in the ocean and blew up Admiral Pillar by strapping a bomb to Captain Howard’s chest. Howard walked into Pillar’s office to commit the act, or Reece said he would kill his son. 

Private Security 

Dozens of Steve Horn’s private security died at the hands of Reece and a handful of the ones purchased by Hartley – including a cold death of Reece killing an unarmed man who posed no threat to him. 

Saul Agnon 

Reece shot a lethal amount of methadone into the account manager of Capstone because he was the go-between for the company and Holder. He made it look like a drug overdose. 


I’m not sure how many sicarios left the planet that day. I think I counted at least 15 men and the one in the pilot. However, the main target was the one that got away that night from Reece’s family’s murder. That man is El Navajas, who Reece wounded when he stabbed him in the left forearm. Reece hung the man up and gutted him with a hatchet. He then hung his intestines above his hands, cut him down, and made him walk until there was no more rope. He eventually bled out. 

Secretary Hartley 

She shot herself in the forehead before Reece could do it for her. She approved the blind experiment on the SEAL team without their permission in the hopes of ending PTSD and lowering troop numbers to end the constant cycle of sending troops in and out of battle.  

Steve Horn 

The billionaire owner of Capstone Industries took a bullet in the head up-close and personal by Commander James Reese on the stairs leading up to his office building. 

And that’s who died in the Amazon original series The Terminal season 1.

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