The Lincoln Lawyer season 1, episode 5 recap – “Twelve Lemmings in a Box”

By Marc Miller
Published: May 13, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Netflix The Lincoln Lawyer season 1, episode 5 - Twelve Lemmings in a Box

This recap of Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer season 1, episode 5, “Twelve Lemmings in a Box,” contains spoilers.

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The Lincoln Lawyer season 1, episode 5 recap

Mick and Trevor take a client meeting at Pink’s (great chili dogs), where they discuss hiring a jury consultant. To Mick’s surprise, his client tells him he doesn’t want one. Why? Because the arrogant gasbag trusts his instincts, which got him where he is today. Something tells me his gut will get him a nice jail cell without a view.

So Mick takes matters into his own hands. He finds a poker player he trusts, an English woman, just entering middle-aged and still has a bit of sex appeal. She is an old friend, so much so that we don’t know her name, and Mick greets her warmly. He cannot afford her but allows her to read a jury for him. Not for money, but to practice her skills. She says yes, but only for a day. The plan is for her to sit in the back and text Mick who she thinks needs to get the hook.

We still have the issue of the bug. Mick told Cisco to keep it in the truck, and they removed it since at no point. Yet, Mick keeps talking to Izzy openly about the case and now about the jury pool. Perhaps this is nothing. I mean, everyone pretty much knows who he wants on the jury. But this is something to keep monitoring.

Also, the Jesus Menendez case. Lorna grabs the file for him that is over a year old. He admits to her it is eating at him. Something tells me that this case, the way it keeps being sprinkled into episodes, will be a second-season mystery if renewed.

Unfortunately for Mick, Trevor insists on signing off on any jurors that he wants to jettison from the case. It doesn’t help matters that the prosecutor, Jeff Golantz, is his jury whisperer. He asks the jury would it be hard for them to be impartial that the victims were having an extramarital affair. (Obviously, blaming the victim’s defense helps Mick and Trevor). The nameless English rose texts Mick that two, four, and fifteen are bluffing and to keep them. However, Golantz dismisses them immediately.

Mick even brings some theatrics. He knocks over some pens from his desk, and good old Trevor picks them up for him. The jury can now ask themselves, how could a man this polite murder two people? Mick even has Lorna pull him for a personal matter to allow Golantz to look at his open notes on the desk. He takes the bait, thinking the blue star he placed on juror five’s stick note meant he likes her for the jury. He didn’t because he didn’t want anyone who wanted to write a screenplay. The prosecutor dismisses her.

Cisco tracks down one of Jan’s affairs. By the way, in the creepiest way possible, by grabbing a mani-pedi right next to her. She talks to her ex-husband, who confronts Cisco. He is aggressive and is using intimidation on Mick’s private eye. Cisco notices he also keeps referring to his ex and his wife. Can this toxic control freak be the natural killer? He threatens Cisco by brandishing his weapon.

The ending

  • The jury is set, but Mickey had to let go of juror number ten. Why? Oh, because Trevor was stalking her in the parking garage. He says he was looking for his car, but he knew Mickey wanted her on the jury and objected. Therefore, he is either stalking a woman who looks similar to his dead wife or undercutting his lawyer. Is it me, or is he a control freak that may have a hurt ego if his wife cheated on him?
  • The English rose tells Mick that Trevor has a tell. What is it? He pats and rubs himself when he is lying.
  • Mick visits Maggie to see how she is, but most likely, the man wants to find some afternoon delight in the evening. She lets him down gently. She tells him that it is not a good idea and he is right to leave. Now that she has him on a leash, she asks him to represent a woman Soto uses to launder money and be her lawyer.
  • Detective Griggs tells Mick that Jerry took out $150,000 in cash to buy a boat the day he died. The thing is, Griggs cannot find the ship anywhere. He tells Mick that they have missing money and mystery calls from the FBI, the most significant case of Jerry’s career. He then asks Haller what if the money was for a bribe?

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