The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 – does Mickey get Jesus Menendez’s conviction overturned?

By Marc Miller
Published: May 13, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 – does Mickey get Jesus Menendez's conviction overturned - netflix series

This article, “does Mickey get Jesus Menendez’s conviction overturned,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer season 1.

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The entire season of The Lincoln Lawyer comes down to this question (and two others). Will defense attorney Mickey Haller be able to free his former client, Jesus Menendez? This was the case Haller was working before he went into rehab for being addicted to pain medications. Menendez was convicted of killing a woman named Martha, a working girl. Haller had a witness, with the nickname Glory Days. She was supposed to testify, and Haller held her in a hotel. The day of she disappeared, and they never heard from her again.

The key will be finding Gloria. Mick locates a former client, a hooker named Cherry, who heard she was hiding out in Las Vegas.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 – does Mickey get Jesus Menendez’s conviction overturned?

Yes! Mickey locates Gloria and tricks her into seeing a rich John in Los Angeles. Mickey had the Elliott case, so Lorna goes to ask her to testify. She refuses but returns later to Mickey’s office. When she testifies, a man tries to kill her and tells her that he got away with killing her friend, Martha. When they arrested Menendez, it was not that man on the television. The man also had a tattoo on his forearm, a Japanese inscription in kanji.

Gloria was threatened by a vice cop named Linda Perez. If not, she would be busted on a bogus drug charge and serve three years in prison. She left for fear of being jailed (a murderer was on the loose). Did Detective Perez take the initiative on her own to get a promotion from her boss? Well, yes, to receive a promotion, Detective Lankford told her to do it. Why? Because she said to her that Menendez was guilty.

Yes, THAT Lankford, who is heavily involved in Maggie’s case against Angelo Soto.

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