The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 – who killed Jerry Vincent?

May 13, 2022
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The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 – who killed Jerry Vincent - netflix series

This article, “who killed Jerry Vincent,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer season 1.

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The entire season of The Lincoln Lawyer comes down to this question (and two others). Who killed Trevor Elliott’s defense attorney, Jerry Vincent? Was it the obvious answer, an old, bitter client? Lord knows there have to be hundreds of those walking free around Los Angeles County. Could it be Trevor Elliott himself? Maybe Jerry found out his client did it and wanted to make amends for a lifetime of freeing California’s worst scum? Or the Russian mobster who gave Trevor a loan to start his own video game company?

The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 – who killed Jerry Vincent?

This question has a grey area, but the dots can easily be connected. Jerry was most likely killed by the mysterious juror number seven. A man named McSweeney was paid to kill him.

Who paid McSweeney to kill defense attorney Jerry Vincent?

Haller tells Detective Griggs that McSweeney was the one who killed Jerry Vincent. Now, Mick may be a little biased here since, you know, the man tried to kill Haller by hitting him over the head and dragging his boneless body to the edge of the canyon cliff. However, it makes sense. This man disappeared after Mickey sent the anonymous letter to Judge Stanton that he was not who he said he was. I’m guessing that trying to kill Mickey is a regular occurrence, but this man was tied to the Elliott trial.

Cisco, though, found some information on the killer. McSweeney was represented by Judge Holder’s husband, another defense attorney. They recruited, trained, and paid him to avoid being eliminated from the jury pool, prosecution and defense. Holder, the head judge, had animated knowledge of the jury selection process. And when Stanton received the note, he consulted Holder, his boss. She tipped McSweeney off.

Therefore, to protect her reputation and career, they had Jerry killed. When they thought Mickey was getting too close, they tried to kill him.

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