The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 – who killed Laura Elliott and Jan Rilz?

By M.N. Miller
Published: May 13, 2022
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The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 – who killed Laura Elliott and Jan Rilz - netflix series

This article, “who killed Laura Elliott and Jan Rilz,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer season 1.

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The entire season of The Lincoln Lawyer comes down to this question. Who killed Trevor Elliott’s wife, Laura, and her yoga instructor lover, Jan? Was it Trevor Elliott? The billionaire gaming mogul? A Russian mobster who gave Trevor a loan to start his own video game company? A man caught shooting at police officers a few miles away the night before, named Wyms?

The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 – who killed Laura Elliott and Jan Rilz?

Of course, Trevor did it! He’s a toxic, controlling male who cut Laura off from her friends. He made up a story about taking a loan from his roommate’s father, who killed his wife and love so she would not divorce him and take half the company. They are protecting their investment, he tells his lawyer, Mickey Haller.

Why did Trevor Elliott kill Laura Elliott and Jan Rilz?

Simple, money and power. While Trevor put the company together, the real genius coder was his wife, Laura. She was the one who could prove she made the small piece of code that took their company, Parralax, to the next level. It spawned into a billion-dollar corporation. When Trevor found out Laura was communicating with her former friend and legal expert, Sonia, Trevor was afraid Laura would seek her advice and take everything he had worked for. If Laura could prove the code was hers, she could get everything.

But how did Trevor get rid of the evidence? Including the gun and the bloody clothes? The police search his entire property, car, and surrounding areas. Trevor had a plan for that too. He had his drone fly out the evidence to sea. It is probably sitting on the bottom of the pacific ocean.

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