The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 1 Review – A thrilling start to the season

By Ricky Valero
Published: July 6, 2023 (Last updated: July 8, 2023)
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The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 1 Review - A thrilling start to the season


The Lincoln Lawyer ups the ante with Season 2 Part 1, with some perfect writing to accompany Manuel Garcia-Rulfo’s electric performance as Mickey Haller.

This review of the Netflix series The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 1 does not contain spoilers.

The top-rated Netflix series based on the Michael Connelly book series, The Lincoln Lawyer, is back for a second season. It will follow Connely’s fourth book in the series, The Fifth Witness. The show sees the return of Manuel Garcia-Rulfo in the lead role of Mickey Haller.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 1 review and plot summary

The second season of The Lincoln Lawyer will see Mickey Haller back in the saddle dealing with the newfound fame and new cases and faces that will alter his personal and professional life.

The season begins with Mickey getting his pictures taken for a magazine. He has become LA’s “it” man since winning the big murder trial. As a result of the success, he has moved into a fancy office and has taken on many more clients. Of course, the District Attorney’s office isn’t happy with how Mickey has made them look in the news, so they plan on retrying the case against Jesus Menendez.

We are introduced to a new character, Lisa Trammel, a restaurant owner who Mickey quite likes. The two find themselves in the bedroom the night they meet each other. However, the bubble quickly bursts after Lisa is arrested for murdering a real estate developer who has been causing her issues. Mickey takes the case, which leads to him and his team digging into something that ends up causing massive issues for them.

One of the most intriguing things about the writing of Mickey Haller is how his charm is equally as off-putting as it is sweet. Haller is a character we are to like for some of the wheeling and dealing he does, but I also believe he is equally unlikable for those same reasons. The writers do a great job of letting the audience decide which side of the fence they stand on, and ultimately both sides meet in the middle when he takes down someone who deserves it.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo plays Mickey to perfection. There’s something about an actor that gains confidence in working within a character as they move into a second season. Garcia-Rulfo was great in season one, but as he dives deeper into Mickey, he is even better.

I understand the writers trying to develop the side characters in Cisco and Lorna, and watching them flourish as a couple is fun. That said, I didn’t love the story they laid out with Cisco. I get what they were trying to do, but the execution within the script wasn’t fully fleshed out. It led to some dead moments in the show that felt unneeded.

Is The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 1 good or bad?

Fans of the series will not be disappointed, as the stakes have never been higher for Mickey Haller. As a result, we get a wild ride that keeps you wanting more. Many questions remain, and the writers did a fantastic job of making the audience want more with a brilliantly written finale of Volume 1.

Is The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 1 worth watching?

Although some doubted that the writers could capture the same magic of Season 1, they did a great job laying out a story structure that keeps you guessing. It’s the perfect combination of thrilling drama with some perfectly timed laughs to make you invest in everything happening. The Lincoln Lawyer continues to be one of the best dramas on TV.

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