Recap – What happened in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 1? (Episodes 1-5)

By Ricky Valero
Published: July 6, 2023 (Last updated: July 10, 2023)
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Recap – What happened in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 1? (Episodes 1-5)

We recap the Netflix series The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 1 (Episodes 1-5), which contains spoilers as it details what happened.

The popular Netflix series based on the books by Michael Connelly, The Lincoln Lawyer, has returned for a second season. Mickey Haller is now the talk of the town in Los Angeles, appearing on talk shows, on covers of magazines, and on the front page of the newspaper.

The new fame is bringing in clients at a rapid pace, including a few new people who are introduced that will challenge his personal and professional life. Here is our episode-by-episode recap of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, Part 1.

Recap – What happened in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 1? (Episodes 1-5)

Episode 1 – “The Rules of Professional Conduct”

Mickey Heller is the talk of the town after his masterclass lawyering in Season 1. However, this newfound fame catches up to him quickly as the district attorney’s office isn’t happy with how he made them look. They’ve put Detective Griggs on the case leading to him questioning Jesus Menendez and revealing new evidence against him. After getting his new client Russell Lawson out of jail, Mickey ends up face to face with him, realizing that he is the man who killed Martha Renteria.

Episode 2 – “Obligations”

With his back against the wall, Mickey turns to Legal Siegal for advice on how to get out of his situation with Russell. After some wheeling and dealing with Maggie and Detective Griggs, Mickey uses Glory Days as bait to get Russell to attack her, leading to his arrests. As a result, Jesus Menendez’s case has been dismissed with prejudice making him a free man. The celebration is quickly altered when Mickey gets a call from Lisa, who was arrested for murder.

Episode 3 – “Conflicts”

Mickey finds himself in the middle of a sticky situation regarding whether or not he will represent Lisa in her murder cause. He quickly agrees to do it after a hot shot District Attorney ruffles his feathers on the elevator. The judge sets bail at $2 million, and while Lisa doesn’t have the funds, a podcast producer puts up the money for her. Mickey uses a conversation he had with his daughter against the DA to get what he wants from the case, leading to Maggie going off on him over it.

Episode 4 – “Discovery”

The District Attorney throws Mickey for a loop when she offers a plea deal to Lisa Trammel for involuntary manslaughter. Although Lisa pleads her innocence, Mickey explains the risk of turning down the deal. After giving him the night to figure things out, Mickey and the team find a smoking gun leading to advising Lisa to turn down the deal. However, when Mickey heads to tell Andrea, she informs him the deal was off the table and that circumstances on the ground have changed. This sends Mickey and the team back to the drawing board.

Episode 5 – “Suspicious Minds”

In a twelve-round fight, Mickey and District Attorney Andrea battled it out in the discovery trial to see who would win. When Mickey lands the first punch, Andrea pulls out the smoking gun that slams home the case against Lisa. After the Judge approves the trial, Mickey and Lisa have a big blow-up. Shortly after, the podcast producer makes a deal to turn the story into a movie, leading to a blow-up between Mickey and Lorna. The Season 2, Part 1 finale ended with Mickey getting jumped by two men and being left for dead in a parking garage.

That is the full story recap of what happened in the Netflix series The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 1 (Episodes 1-5). What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below.

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