Who is Lisa in Lincoln Lawyer Season 2? Explained

By Ricky Valero
Published: July 7, 2023 (Last updated: July 10, 2023)
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Who is Lisa in Lincoln Lawyer Season 2

Who is Lisa in Lincoln Lawyer Season 2? We discuss the popular Netflix series and one of the strong supporting characters. 

The highly rated Netflix series based on the Michael Connely book series, The Lincoln Lawyer, has returned for a second season. In season two, we follow Mickey Haller and his rise to public fame after taking down the Los Angeles DA office in season one. The story is based on Connely’s fourth book, The Fifth Witness.

From the newspaper’s front page to getting his food for free while at restaurants to opening a brand new lush office in Los Angeles, Micky Haller is slowly adapting to this newfound fame.

Of course, as he rises in the public eye, he finds himself in some interesting predicaments. Early in season two, we are introduced to Russell Lawson, a man that admits to murdering Martha Renteria, the person that Haller’s client Jesus Menendez is accused of killing.

After playing cat and mouse with Lawson for a couple of episodes, Haller meets Lisa Trammell, a restaurant owner, and the two become pretty smitten by each other. But their new relationship is tested once she is arrested for murder.

With a new season, we were introduced to many characters, but the one that stood out the most was Mickey Hallers new love interest and client, Lisa Trammell. Below we share all the details surrounding Trammell, including who plays the characters and where you might have seen her in the past.

Who is Lisa Trammell in Lincoln Lawyer Season 2?

Lisa Trammell is a restaurant owner who is a love interest of Mickey Haller, who ends up turning into his client.

We first meet Lisa Trammell while Mickey and his ex-wife Maggie are out for dinner. She has her staff bring a bunch of food to the table that is said to be “on the house.”

Shortly after Maggie leaves, Lisa introduces herself to Mickey, and things get spicy rather quickly. As the two begin to engage in a little fling, Lisa mentions that she has legal issues with Mitchell Bondurant, a big-time real estate guy trying to take over the city.

At the end of episode two, Haller gets a call from Trammell stating that she has been arrested for murder. As a result, Mickey finds himself in a sticky situation where everyone tells him not to take on the case, but he does anyway.

As Haller peeled back more layers of the case, he realized that Trammell hadn’t been candid with him from the beginning. The Season 2 Part One finale saw the DA reveal a massive piece of evidence that threatened Tramell to be put in jail for life.

Who plays Lisa in Lincoln Lawyer Season 2?

Lana Parrilla plays Lisa Trammell.

What is Lana Parrilla known for?

You might recognize Parrilla from her time on the 2000 series Spin City where she starred as Angie Ordonez opposite Michael J. Fox.

Through the years, she has played in several episodes of popular TV shows like NYPD Blue, 24, and Lost, but most people will remember Parrilla from her time as Regina Mills/Evil Queen on the hit series Once Upon a Time.

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