Who plays Gloria Dayton (aka Glory Days) in The Lincoln Lawyer?

By Ricky Valero
Published: July 9, 2023
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Who plays Gloria Dayton (aka Glory Days) in The Lincoln Lawyer?

Who plays Gloria Dayton (aka Glory Days) in The Lincoln Lawyer? We discuss the important character in the second season of the Netflix series.

The Lincoln Lawyer, the series based on Michael Connelly’s book series of the same name, has returned for a second season. The sophomore outing sees us follow Mickey Haller, whose recent rise as a lawyer in Los Angeles has quite a few people’s eyes on him. The story is based on Connely’s fourth book, The Fifth Witness.

Throughout Part 1 of Season 2, we follow Mickey Haller adapting to this newfound fame by winning his case against the Los Angeles DA. As a result of the spotlight, Haller can’t go anywhere without being the topic of conversation, leading to new problems that turn his life upside down.

Of course, season two saw us introduced to many new characters that were pivotal in the overall story. However, we had one character from Mickey’s past in Glory Days that came back to help him out to return a favor from before. Below we share all the details surrounding Glory Days, including who plays the character and where you might have seen her in the past.

Who is Gloria Dayton (Aka Glory Days) in The Lincoln Lawyer and why is she important?

We first met Gloria Dayton in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 Episode 10. Mickey and Lorna hunted her down because she was the hooker that could prove that Jesus Menendez was innocent. She testified that the man that killed Martha had a tattoo on his left arm, and Menendez didn’t. This was pivotal in helping Mickey Haller with the Jesus Menendez case.

As we shifted into Season 2, we knew the Los Angeles DA would retry the case against Jesus Menendez, and Mickey knew that he would have to bring Gloria back to testify. However, she was MIA, and nobody could find her. That was until one day, she got arrested for drug possession leading to Haller finding her and being able to use her to help with the case.

Haller uses Gloria to help clear Jesus Menendez’s name and bring down Martha’s real killer (who was blackmailing Haller) and put that entire case in the rearview mirror.

Who plays Gloria Dayton in The Lincoln Lawyer?

Fiona Rene plays Gloria Dayton.

What is Fiona Rene known for?

Fiona Rene started acting in 2004 in the film The Breakdance Kid, where she played Breakdancer 7. From there, she played small roles in hit shows like Jane the Virgin and Grey’s Anatomy until landing the role of Detective Kara Lee in the series Stumptown. However, you might recognize her from her role in the Prime Video series I Know What You Did Last Summer as Lyla or her stint on the CBS series Fire Country.

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