Our Blues season 1, episode 11 recap – “Dong-seok and Seon-a, Yeong-ok and Jeong-jun”

By Nathan Sartain
Published: May 15, 2022
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Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 11


A solid, but rather uninspired chapter which slowly moves the plot forward.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 11, “Dong-seok and Seon-a, Yeong-ok and Jeong-jun,” contains spoilers. 

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Our Blues season 1, episode 11 recap

Opening up about his wondering over whether his mother has ever loved him dearly, Dong-seok accepts his curiosity about what goes through her head when she sees him. But, when Seon-a suggests he just asks her, he immediately shrugs off the suggestion. The depressed woman then candidly discusses her own struggles involving questions that arose after the death of her father, and how she regretted not asking how he felt, in an attempt to convince the stubborn salesman to avoid the same mistakes.

Back at Seon-a’s house, Dong-seok states that it feels like they’re a couple given the circumstances in the building, before he finds himself disappointed over the news that his love interest will not be returning to Jeju. She’s been offered a job as an interior designer in Seoul, and wishes to be near her son too. Realising her mind was made up at the same time he was falling for her, a certain type of disappointment falls on the salesman, one only subdued when he’s afforded an opportunity to help his friend re-jig the apartment setup she lives in.

As the two settle down to sleep, Seon-a says that she will call her friend if she ever gets lonely, knowing that their short lived reunion may well be ending here. So, Dong-seok comforts her one last time, sincerely hoping that the depression his love interest lives in can be subdued over time. Then, into the night, he departs quietly, disallowing any room for a proper goodbye by favouring a heartfelt text over words.

Reconciling with her son, we hear that Yeol will live with Seon-a over the holidays, as well as find out that he has forgiven her for hurting him some time ago. There, the mother tries to explain her depression to her son too, explaining how life gets dark even if it’s light everywhere else. After managing to hug her son peacefully, life seems to be turning a corner for Seon-a, even amidst a conversation with her ex about the custody appeal she’ll eventually file. It’s because she knows that she’ll do it when Yeol wants to live with her, as opposed to when she wants to rely on him as her sole hope. “If that day ever comes, I’ll let you raise Yeol,” her ex surprisingly responds, knowing that if such a thing were to come true, he wouldn’t have a chance anyway.

That night though, things get tough for Seon-a, who smashes a vase when unable to calm herself. That is until she remembers Dong-seok’s words, and loads up the video of him riding a horse in unabated joy. Following that, she mellows, allowing herself to slowly exercise as a text comes in with his shopping announcements, delivered as a gift. It’s all the motivation Seon-a needs too, as the light returns to her life while she picks up pace on her running machine.

Next, we return to a bustling Jeju marketplace, where a surprising amount of customers are making life busy for the workers. Outside, Jung-joon listens to Gi-jun express his frustrations about Young-ok and her lying, only to be provoked over his liking of Dal-i. It impresses the outcast, who reminds the ship captain about their upcoming day trip, but finds herself flustered by the implications that he might wish to make it last longer. Elsewhere, Ho-sik and In-gwon bicker about the late night study sessions their children have been having, and whether the young married couple can get their own place now that the two cannot seem to sleep. No proper solution is reached, though, despite the mildly helpful suggestions from Dong-seok.

Unfortunately for Dong-seok, he ends up quizzed about Seon-a while eating, with the upset over the fact that their relationship never materialised clear. So he leaves mid-meal, returning to his vehicle to sell his goods with an upbeat song. That is until he ends up annoyed over his mother’s attempts to give him extra money for a dress, an act which results in him prematurely closing up shop for the day. Following that, a confrontation arises, one which sees Dong-seok bitterly wish for his mother to pretend he doesn’t exist in spite of being told that she will die soon.

At the partly refurbished house, Dong-seok tells the story of Seon-a to Jung-joon. He gets it all off his chest, knowing that he likes her, just before he turns the tables to ask about his friend’s love life. The two then share some light banter together, but the serious undertones are clear. Dong-seok loves Seon-a, wants to settle down with her, and become a better person so he can make the relationship work. “Just the thought of waiting for her makes me feel warm and tingly for some reason,” he states, as Jung-joon responds that such a thing is love.

As the elders seek to ostracise Young-ok by ignoring her, Jung-joon finds himself curious about his partner’s constantly ringing phone. The enigmatic woman’s resolve is still tight though, as any advice for her to calm down on the abalone harvesting is not yet headed.

Next, Jung-joon and Young-ok venture out on their trip together, enjoying the good weather and each other’s company. They talk about her liking of harvesting, as well as the fact she refuses to quit the job due to the disliking she receives from the elders. It’s made clear that there will be no resignation, so Jung-joon warns her about her underwater actions instead, wishing that she will stay close to the others in the group. There’s a nice atmosphere, yet there are still tense undertones given the phone rings once again.

The ending

Making a pact to avoid drunken sex, the pair agree to just drink. They also set some boundaries, about maintaining respect, pureness, commitment and not smoking, while also agreeing to always have fun while they are around each other. When the topic shifts towards Young-ok’s parents, as well as a reference to a “disaster,” the enigmatic woman opts to go to the bathroom, however. It proves a bad choice, as Jung-joon lets curiosity get the better of him, and keeps her phone unlocked after accidentally answering. Putting the device to his ear, he looks upset when talking to whoever is on the other end of the line as the episode ends.

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