Our Blues season 1, episode 12 recap – “Mi-ran and Eun-hui 1”

By Nathan Sartain
Published: May 16, 2022
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Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 12 - Mi-ran and Eun-hui 1


A smartly unraveled chapter, but unfortunately, one which only truly packs a punch in the final act.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 12, “Mi-ran and Eun-hui 1,” contains spoilers. 

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Our Blues season 1, episode 12 recap

As Jung-joon passes the phone to Young-ok without obtaining any answers, we overhear a rather awkward conversation with someone who appears to be a family member. It leaves the woman deflated, and she admits to her partner that she’s well aware of the rumours that swirl around about her, specifically involving who is calling. Fortunately, any tension is soon washed away by Jung-joon’s bold exclamation that he can take on anything knowing his partner is his, something further cemented by heavy implications that the two will soon sleep together for the first time.

After Jung-joon wonders when his friend is going to confess his feelings to Dal-i, we see Young-ok attempt to make inroads in her attempts to win over the elders. That is until she gets carried away of course, remaining greedy, and ultimately finding herself caught in a net. Naturally, it causes confrontation, with the group dumping their loads on the stubborn worker, in addition to harshly airing their grievances. Eventually, Young-ok ends up fired, or almost fired, as she saves herself by proving her alleged lies to be truthful, while candidly opening up to Chun-hui.

Next, we are properly introduced to Mi-ran, a popular woman who thrives on being fashionable, competent, and confident. We also see through her job resignation that she wishes to rest, as well as spend time with her daughter, who is soon to be joining a law firm following her university graduation. As she prepares for the big holiday planned, receiving a phone call from her ex in the process, we cut to Eun-hui, who is stressing over her failure to secure croaker at the auction.

To add to the distress, Eun-hui is made to pick up Mi-ran from the airport, finding herself referred to as her maid by a boisterous In-gwon. She’s happy to be reunited with her best friend, though, one she no longer sees regularly but still seems to feel a close-knit bond with. As they drive, the warm atmosphere is clear, with the two chuckling over various people’s attempts to coax Eun-hui out of money. There is one solemn aspect to the ride however, as Mi-ran is unable to properly open up about the trip with her daughter that failed to materialise.

As Mi-ran is passed over to In-gwon, Eun-hui settles back in her own car, still frustrated at how her day is going. “What a selfish brat,” she says, ruing the fact that her best friend has continuously hurt her own daughter through self-centred behaviour. Meanwhile, Mi-ran catches up with the elders, gifting them plenty of treats before she talks vulnerably about her somewhat sad life. While they gossip though, the trio of women soon overhear Ho-sik discuss how he doesn’t like Mi-ran, believing that she is a sly woman as In-gwon continues his stance of believing she is akin to a princess.

While Eun-hui continues to be irritable about the attention Mi-ran is getting, she is forced to address the fact that they’re deemed an “odd pair” by Dal-i and co. The tension is noticeable, particularly involving the idea of her being the maid of her friend, only for it to thicken further when Eun-hui loses her rag upon discovering that her cooking has been an entirely pointless endeavour. We do find out more about the mysterious woman through a diary narration, and how the rich market owner no longer feels elated when Mi-ran is around, in spite of how the others are when she is visiting.

After a flashback looks at the sweet history between Eun-hui and Mi-ran, and how the latter continuously looked out for her poorer friend, a new kind of tension rears its head when the free spirit claims her loyal buddy “only sells fish,” as if it’s no more than a menial task. Here, we find out where Ho-sik’s hatred of Mi-ran comes from, as back in school, she bitterly referred to her so-called friend as a “moocher.” “That was nothing,” is the reply from Eun-hui, implying that a lot worse happened since that day.

The ending

In time, we find out why Eun-hui can no longer forgive her former partner-in-crime, as she caused the market seller extreme distress due to lies about potential death, which turned out to actually be a silly bet to test the unwavering loyalty of the friendship. “She’s the biggest doormat ever,” Mi-ran said, while still pretending that nothing negative happened in the present. It caused a realization within Eun-hui though, one which awoke her to the two-faced nature of the person she used to be so close to.

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