Our Blues season 1, episode 13 recap – “Mi-ran and Eun-hui 2”

By Nathan Sartain
Published: May 22, 2022
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Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 13 - Mi-ran and Eun-hui 2


A highly emotional episode that unravels into an impactful ending.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 13, “Mi-ran and Eun-hui 2,” contains spoilers. 

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Our Blues season 1, episode 13 recap

As a drunken Mi-ran is put down to rest, Eun-hui continues to look after her in spite of Young-ok’s understated disagreement. However, the real release of emotion does come soon, as the rich worker spitefully discusses her former friend’s character in the form of a diary entry (even though things like drinks are still being provided to the popular mother), along with the fact that no matter what, she should still remain loyal. “Let’s repay her for all she’s done for me,” Eun-hui says, before adding that she hopes that she never becomes selfish and two-faced like her longtime acquaintance.

Meanwhile, Ho-sik is woken up by the sounds of the doting young couple Hyun and Young-joo, who are eating together at 3AM. Laughing to himself, the future grandfather can’t quite believe the antics of the pair, accepts defeat, and temporarily moves into In-gwon’s house just to get a chance at a good rest.

The next day, we see Mi-ran reflect on the fact that she had been told she was surplus to requirements for her daughter’s graduation trip, evidently upset by the fact that her own child doesn’t want anything to do with her. She leaves a phone message through stunted tears on how she’d still like to see the auroras of Iceland together with Ji-hyun, hoping to at least be able to do one thing with her distant daughter. Afterwards, she shouts at Jeju island to announce her return, before softly breaking into tears.

While Eun-hui is away, Mi-ran graciously takes on the task of tidying the entire house, and puts up her gift of new curtains too. With that being said, curiosity does soon get the better of her, as when Eun-hui’s diaries are spotted, Mi-ran cannot help but delve into them. It all seems to be nice, with the positivity over their school days together clear, until yesterday’s far harsher entry is later stumbled upon. Then, the mood shifts, turning from immense pride into a relatively defined upset.

Such hurt has to be temporarily hidden though, as before long Eun-hui returns, overjoyed by the house makeover. When they’re both alone soon after, it’s clear the two are suffering, each in their own ways. Elsewhere, Young-ok has a heart-to-heart with Hye-ja, who finally understands the reckless worker’s situation and announces herself as the enigmatic woman’s partner from this point forward.

Back at Eun-hui’s house, Mi-ran struggles to keep her emotions restrained. She succeeds at first, applying makeup to her friend who is “sexier than a lioness,” but soon buckles under the weight of the words she read that described her. So, she prods into whether Eun-hui has ever been upset by her, and apologises for all the potential times she may have hurt her friend while reflecting on her immaturity.

Unfortunately for Mi-ran, Eun-hui holds firm in denying that she’s ever been hurt, causing more deflation and, ultimately, a rather poignant shared “I love you.”

At the party, all tension seems to have given way to jubilation, with songs and dancing stunting the overwhelming feeling of disappointment and dejection. Of course, negativity does still linger in the background, particularly when everyone fusses over Mi-ran to the point Eun-hui is completely forgotten about.

When things die down, Mi-ran buys some things for Ms. Kang before stumbling across Myeong-bo, who is claiming he will split up with his wife. As such, he is warned about it being a negative choice, only for the revelation to come that In-jeong is physically abusive due to her delusional jealousy. Naturally, such a shocking thing leads to comfort, but Mi-ran’s reassurances only end up starting a fight between an emerging In-jeong, who claims that the returning woman flirts with everyone she sees. It’s here where the true hostility comes out, as Mi-ran ends up slapping Eun-hui when she tries to break up the fight, before affording In-jeong a kick for good measure.

When offering her a lift, Ho-sik is confronted over her hatred towards Mi-ran. So, he starts to tell her in detail, while Eun-hui attempts to quell the situation with a resentful In-jeong.

Whatever was fully said to Mi-ran has left her agitated, as she mutters the words “shallow brat” when exiting Ho-sik’s van, not even thanking him while he sits in discouragement. When Eun-hui arrives back herself, she rejects the offer of a drink from her friend, and is forced to hear a question regarding whether she is addicted to making money. “All you ever do is work,” Mi-ran says, elaborating that she doesn’t believe this is diligence, but rather an addiction. “It’s better than being an alcoholic” is the response, one which forces confrontation as the two end up going back-and-forth on wrongdoings, trust, and words that have, or haven’t, been said.

The ending

As things escalate, and Mi-ran slams Eun-hui’s diary on the table as proof of what her friend thinks of her, the two begin to talk wholeheartedly. Mi-ran is devastated knowing that if the person who knows her best calls her a “horrible, selfish, two-faced brat,” then it’s likely to be something rooted in truth. Eun-hui, however, doesn’t want to seem pathetic by digging up the past, and wants to visit her former friend in Seoul to discuss it later on.

“You’re not that much of a loyal friend,” Mi-ran says before asking Eun-hui to just abandon her. Knowing that she can’t though, the upset, drunken mother claims that she’ll just abandon Eun-hui instead, and put an end to the long, “empty friendship” they had. So, Mi-ran leaves, unfollowed by the upset friend who has lost the person she once vowed to be forever loyal to.

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