Our Blues season 1, episode 14 recap – “Yeong-ok, Jeong-jun, and… 1”

By Nathan Sartain
Published: May 23, 2022
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Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 14


With the introduction of a new chapter, the show freshens up its dynamics with style.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 14, “Yeong-ok, Jeong-jun, and… 1,” contains spoilers. 

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Our Blues season 1, episode 14 recap

As Eun-hui passionately sells her goods, she watches as the necklace gifted to her by Mi-ran drops on the floor. Deflated, she leaves her station immediately to sit outside in reflection, still shaken up by what was said when the friends went their separate ways. With that being said, Eun-hui softens when later hearing the elders discuss their pity towards Mi-ran, who cannot rely on anyone in her life, is unable to settle, and is not wanted by her daughter.

Walking along the coastline pondering, Eun-hui comes across In-gwon, who excitedly shares the news of Myeong-bo’s separation from his abusive wife. Naturally, such a revelation only causes more upset to Eun-hui, who realises she should have done more to trust Mi-ran, even when the former thug expresses his relief over the departure of the “fleeting breeze.”

While writing in her diary, Eun-hui pauses to think about the argument she had the night before, angered by the idea that she wasn’t much of a loyal friend. So she heads out immediately, questioning the audacity of Mi-ran as she attempts to call her. When it fails to go through, Eun-hui makes a decision to drive to Seoul, wishing to have the confrontation in person.

At her place of work, Mi-ran sees that the customer she needs to take care of is Eun-hui, who looks worn out. Upset, the alleged disloyal friend wants to return the necklace and say her piece, explaining how Mi-ran always looked down on her, treated her as a maid, and used her for a poorly planned prank. Of course, this leads to the response that being a doormat is no bad thing, nor is the fact that she feels so comfortable around Eun-hui a negative. Then, she apologises for the shallow behaviour which hurt back in their younger days, before elaborating on why her former friend has still lacked loyalty due to the fact there was never any confrontation over these incidents.

In time, Eun-hui emotionally admits that the reason she came to Seoul was because of the hard feelings over how their friendship was thrown away. It causes tears, ones so strong that it seems to alleviate a lot of the tension as Eun-hui explains that she’ll be going all-out in terms of venting over her two day stay in the city. In reality though, the grievances had already been resolved, and the market owner had realised that she was the only one who could understand her longtime friend. As such, they’re able to properly make up, their bond entirely restored.

Next, we see Yeong-hui, a hardworking woman who enjoys knitting, introduced. She does a number of part-time jobs, whether it be as a cleaner or a cafe cashier, and always takes pictures to document her experiences. Elsewhere, Young-ok explains why she can’t visit this person, detailing that she’s too busy. Naturally, that frustrates the worker, who is fed up with the false promises and decides to just visit her sister on her own accord.

Unfortunately, her solo taxi ride doesn’t quite go to plan, and Yeong-hui ends up in the police station, left to knit peacefully before her carer arrives to collect her. Meanwhile, Young-ok and Jung-joon enjoy each other’s company, spending the night together again sweetly as a young couple would. When the former arrives home, she does find out about her sister’s impending flight, concerned over what it may mean given her hectic work schedule. It doesn’t matter, though, as regardless of any worries, Yeong-hui will be going on the trip.

Flustered by a video message from Jung-joon which details his intentions to eventually marry Young-ok, the worker ends up cold towards her partner, giving him the cold shoulder throughout the day. That’s in addition to a text breakup, which comes due to the idea of her discomfort over any potential marriage. In the meantime, Yeong-hui sets off on her way to meet her twin, bravely taking the plane by herself.

Hoping for answers, Jung-joon recklessly speeds in front of Young-ok’s car, undeterred by the request that they talk in one week’s time. He follows her car to the airport, while Young-ok narrates the complex history behind her family, and how what her parents believed was a blessing was never such a thing to her. Nevertheless, Young-ok could never leave her sister behind, even if she was always frustrated as a result of her. That was until she reached her limits, eventually leaving that life behind at the age of 22, and visiting Yeong-hui less and less.

At the airport, the twins reunite, with the atmosphere one which feels sweet, as opposed to upsetting. However, things change when Jung-joon finds Young-ok and gets ready to confront her, as he ends up shocked by the appearance, and identity of, Yeong-hui. A short while later, Jung-joon researches Down syndrome, while the reunited twins discuss how he is a man to be avoided due to his unwelcoming nature.

The ending

Following on from a confession made by Ki-joon, Young-ok introduces her sister to the elders, who all take care of her. It’s a good thing too, as Jung-joon again interrupts the meeting to talk with the person he still believes is his girlfriend. There, they discuss their wants, the fact that life can sometimes get boring, in addition to the fact that Jung-joon is apologetic over his initial reaction to seeing Yeong-hui. Still, Young-ok tries to stand firm over her idea that Jung-Joon will tire of her sister, as well as the fact that she would need constant care. But things are still somewhat patched up, and an element of trust is displayed when Young-ok affords her partner the chance to prove himself. With the two walking together, the episode ends.

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