Our Blues season 1, episode 15 recap – “Yeong-ok, Jeong-jun, and… 2”

By Nathan Sartain
Published: May 28, 2022
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Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 15


A raw, emotional chapter that brings about ample character development.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 15, “Yeong-ok, Jeong-jun, and… 2″,” contains spoilers. 

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Our Blues season 1, episode 15 recap

While eating with Jung-joon, Dong-seok talks about Seon-a’s video updates, wondering what they mean. He’s told it means that she knows he worries about her, and that she likes him, but the young ship captain also believes that the salesman might be playing hard to get given that he never sends anything back. Then, Jung-joon asks for advice on convincing his family to embrace Young-ok’s family situation, only to receive a reply instructing him to be bullheaded and go for what he wants. “I guess there’s no way to satisfy everyone,” Jung-joon concedes, seemingly at peace with the idea that he will have to make his own romantic decisions free from outside influence.

Next, Seon-a and Dong-seok call to lightly catch up, only for it to be stunted by an interrupting colleague. So, the latter gets back to work on renovating the house. Elsewhere, Young-ok pampers Yeong-hui, asking her to not hate Jung-joon in the process, while Gi-jun fails to ask his romantic interest out successfully.

As Yeong-hui begins to be integrated into the Jeju group, Young-ok worries about her sister’s knowledge, understanding that she can sense care, love, and all the tragedies of her life too. So she warns Jung-joon not to be affectionate towards Yeong-hui, hoping that enough can be done for her to want to be with her caregiver more than anyone else, thus sparing hurt. A different approach may be needed though, as Yeong-hui, while drunk, ends up screaming at Young-ok over her subway abandonment all that time ago, leaving Jung-joon, Eun-hui and Dal-i all completely shocked.

Later on, the sisters talk together, at first about the abandonment, but then about Yeong-hui’s drawing skills. She was taught by her parents apparently, but shields her work and ignores questions about the deceased. So no real inroads are made, aside from Young-ok apologising about the subway incident from years before.

At work, the elders fuss over Yeong-hui’s request that Young-ok earns enough money for plastic surgery, with the mood buoyant, and the worker’s acceptance by the group now clear. Meanwhile though, Gi-jun shouts at Jung-joon in worry about their parent’s potential reactions to the fact both of their partners are either disabled, or have disability in the family. But the latter brushes it off, saying that it’s their fault for giving birth to two “handsome, decent sons.”

Spending the day bonding with Yeong-hui, Jung-joon buys his partner’s sister a new phone, and talks with her over what he likes about Young-ok. But there’s some sadness here, as Yeong-hui worries that people only like those who are pretty, and that she can’t find a boyfriend as a result, or experience things like wearing makeup, feeling pretty, and kissing. Throughout this discussion, it’s clear she sees her sister as perfect, before she turns to express her appreciation over Jung-joon’s effort in choosing to spend time with her.

After Jung-joon and Young-ok have a date day, Yeong-hui gets to drawing, with subsequent scenes showing her taking pictures of islanders to use as reference points. Elsewhere, Gi-jun begins to make progress on getting his love interest on side.

Upset that Young-ok didn’t quite answer her question on whether she enjoys the sea because she’s away from her, Yeong-hui later endures further strife when a young child mocks her for being disabled. But she stands up for herself, finding the boy and confronting him over his actions later on. Such a triumph isn’t dwelled on, though, as Young-ok shouts at her sister over the suggestion that she should just live in Jeju instead of the care facility.

At night, Young-ok pours her heart out about the struggles she has looking after Yeong-hui, and how she pretends that her sister can’t understand things when she knows full well she does. We see the latter crying in the background during all of this, hearing that the sister she adores doesn’t want to be with her, and wishes to send her back to the care facility as planned. Jung-joon provides comfort, though, letting Young-ok know that she is indeed kind despite all of what she says.

Bonding once more before her trip back, Jung-joon finds himself emotionally taken aback by Yeong-hui’s drawings, believing they’re incredible. He does realise they’re missing titles, though, so gets her to do that before Young-ok can be shown. However, it doesn’t appear that they are given, as the next day Yeong-hui is seen off at the airport, and only gifts her sister the knitted scarf.

The ending

That is until Young-ok arrives at Jung-joon’s van, greeted by a display of Yeong-hui’s art. She breaks down over it, both touched and obviously upset by the fact that she had left her sister alone to miss her so much that she became such a great artist. As she cries with Jung-joon waiting outside, the episode ends.

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