Our Blues season 1, episode 16 recap – “Chun-hui and Eun-gi 1”

By Nathan Sartain
Published: May 30, 2022
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Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 16 - Chun-hui and Eun-gi 1


A slow-moving chapter introduces new characters and brings old ones to the forefront.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 16, “Chun-hui and Eun-gi 1,” contains spoilers. 

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Our Blues season 1, episode 16 recap

We start with Ok-dong gathering old belongings to burn, completely unbothered by Eun-hui’s attempts to stop her. But the doting market salesman does notice something, the blood that stains the elderly lady’s mouth when she coughs.

At that point, we’re introduced to what appears to be a happy family, with Eun-gi, their child, seemingly the centre of their universe. They’re talking about a trip to Jeju to meet Chun-hui, who is excitedly described as the “boss of Jeju.”

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work out to plan, as the father of the family ends up in hospital after becoming involved in a road accident. So Eun-gi is going to be left in Jeju for two weeks instead, while Chun-hui is still yet to hear of her son’s accident.

Following on from being briefed on the situation, as well as what she needs to say if any questions are asked about her father, Eun-gi travels to Jeju with her mother. Elsewhere, the elders vibrantly discuss the visit, granting Chun-hui time off and affording her with plenty of fuss over the fact she’ll soon get to see her family.

After chatting with Ok-dong about illness, prayer and happiness, Chun-hui arrives home to be greeted by the visiting daughter and granddaughter. She’s informed of the situation, and so in due time, Eun-gi is left alone with the two old women for what is meant to be the next two weeks.

As it turns out, Chun-hui is quite a teasing grandmother, and favours joking around with her granddaughter over a genuinely strict approach. She does quiz the young girl on her dad’s whereabouts though, but Eun-gi is more than equipped to answer with confidence on the fake situation created for her.

Soon, things turn out to be tough, as the fussy girl’s food tastes lead to plenty of hardships at meal time. It all blows over to the point Eun-gi says she hates her grandmother, labelling her a “meanie” as the old woman gets frustrated over her childish immaturity. Meanwhile, the market bustles with life, but also gossip about potential abandonment of the six-year-old child in Jeju. Such things lead to a bitter argument on the elder’s lives and children, later amplified by a harsh request from Ok-dong for Chun-hui to leave.

Shortly, Dong-seok and Ho-sik help quell the situation, looking after the young child by giving her plenty of warm attention. It’s later replicated by other members of the market, with a nugget of information over the fact Jung-joon’s family want to meet Young-ok thrown in for good measure. Elsewhere, Chun-hui worries with Ok-dong over what could possibly be happening with Man-su, with the former stating her suspicions over the situation.

While Gi-jun again struggles to make romantic inroads, Eun-gi makes a friend with an abandoned girl on the beach, or at least she does until a fight starts over accusations of a mutual abandonment. It leaves Eun-gi distraught, a fact still present when the elders quiz her over her sand throwing behaviour. That night, curiosity gets the better of Chun-hui, who tries to her daughter-in-law to find out whether or not she has dumped her child on them. However, she cannot answer, as she is at the hospital watching as Man-su potentially dies.

The ending

As Chun-hui finds out that her daughter-in-law quit her job at the mart, she wonders sorrowfully where she could have gone after abandoning her child. With that playing on her mind, the episode ends.

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