Our Blues season 1, episode 17 recap – “Chun-hui and Eun-gi 2”

By Nathan Sartain
Published: June 5, 2022
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Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 17


A seamlessly powerful episode full of gut-punching rawness.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Our Blues season 1, episode 17, “Chun-hui and Eun-gi 2,” contains spoilers. 

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Our Blues season 1, episode 17 recap

After a day of work, Dong-seok is asked to take his mother to Mokpo, something he angrily refuses to do until it’s insisted upon. Elsewhere, Chun-hui struggles to get Eun-gi to eat because she didn’t stand up for the young girl the day prior, but eventually finds a way to break through due to the choice of meal.

As the two members of the family continue to bond, Chun-hui finds herself on the phone to Eun-gi’s mother, wondering what might have happened for her child to be left in Jeju. Meanwhile, Eun-gi talks to her new friend as Ok-dong keenly listens in the background. The old lady does overhear something important while doing this, though, that Man-su isn’t away working, but is in the hospital instead. Such information is then shared with a returning Chun-hui, who sees through the attempts from the child to save face and realises the gravity of the situation.

Panicked, Chun-hui gets ready to depart for Mokpo, as Eun-gi goes to stay with Jung-joon and Young-ok. As all this happens, Eun-hui tries to tell Ok-dong that her health status should be shared with Dong-seok, but the old woman switches to discuss the fact that her younger friend is still single.

While Eun-gi gets to finally see dolphins with the younger part of the Jeju group, Chun-hui worryingly travels towards Mokpo Mart to check the situation. But it doesn’t go well, as she finds out the truth about everything, and as a result the old woman decides to head to the hospital afterwards to see her son. While there, Chun-hui can’t quite believe the state her son is in, so tries to take care of him as Hae-seon carefully comes clean about all that’s happened.

When departing, Chun-hui asks that Eun-gi is left with her, as well as that if the doctor suggests that life support should be stopped, just do as is asked and stop it, as to do otherwise would be a waste of money and energy. When in the taxi though, her emotions come out, with tears of worry flowing unwaveringly. Concurrently, Eun-gi shares that her biggest wish is to just be happy (which she describes as the feeling of looking at someone and smiling) while drawing with Young-ok.

Once she arrives back, Ok-dong struggles to hear her friend’s woes, especially given the fact that Chun-hui had said that Man-su should just be allowed to die if it’s the doctor’s wish. So, when the ill lady goes to get back into her house, she falls and cries, as her friend does the exact same while walking back home.

Soberly, the trio of Eun-hui, Chun-hui and Ok-dong all struggle to feel anything but upset, worry, or a combination of the two when Eun-gi is playing, knowing that she is somewhat blissfully unaware of the situation with her father. The former is particularly devastated about the news, later opting to drink her blues away with the somber duo of Ho-sik and In-gwon.

Struggling to remain composed, the next day Ok-dong ruins one of her rock displays only to fix it again with remorseful sorrow, while Hae-seon finds out that Man-su’s status is critical. It means that Chun-hui needs to get to the hospital soon to be able to say goodbye, along with the still unaware Eun-gi, but they are unable to make a quick exit due to the torrential rainstorm facing the island.

Catching up with Seon-a, who misses him, Dong-seok finds out that his crush misses him “as a guy” instead of as a friend. She also plans to visit Jeju soon too, for the sole reason of seeing the person she has such a history with. Meanwhile, Chun-hui struggles to keep her wits about her when Eun-gi talks about death, and that people may turn into stars when they die. The elderly lady even goes as far as throwing the child’s belongings out of the house as she wails that Man-su won’t get better, and will just turn into soil. “I can’t believe I thought fate would be kind enough to let me live with my son,” Chun-hui then cries, wanting her granddaughter to know that he won’t ever be coming to Jeju.

When things calm down, Eun-gi refuses to eat until a compromise is made. She will be taken to the 100 moons to pray if she stomaches her food, but instead of wishing for 100 things, the young girl just wants to repeat the same one: that her father will recover.

The ending

Elsewhere, Jung-joon and Eun-hui try desperately to find boats that will sail in the harsh conditions so that Man-su’s family can see these “moons.” It’s a touching light display, one which overwhelms Eun-gi into emotion which she channels into a call for her dad, and then a prayer for his recovery. As the other three who travelled all join in, the episode ends.

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